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  1. @Bambi thanks for your response. I guess I’ll play hypothetical in this case, so I kind of have a clear indicator that my degGPA is actually holding me back. For example when I apply and get (possibly) get rejected pre-interview, if I don’t place in the top 280ish applicants, would that be a clear indicator for a 2nd degree? I know I’m already behind in the curve since my cGPA won’t compare to many of the 3.9 IP applicants, so I know right now I need to have an amazing CASPer and CV regardless to be borderline with a degGPA of 3.76 per-interview.
  2. Will be relocating to Montreal for work in the next 2 weeks. So I think I will be considered IP with situation 6 if I apply next cycle. However, how realistic should I expect my academic ranking and my chances for McGill? I have a 3.76 degree cGPA, 3.99 prerequisite GPA, and a completed. MSc in epidemiology. I’m worried about the 70% academic context for the pre-interview selection, and seeing that 3.90 was the norm last cycle was quite heartbreaking. Will I need to go back for a 2nd degree?
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