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  1. From the 2019 thread, it looks like invites are sent out for OOP, and IP right after. Not sure about R's as no one posted a timestamp with one.
  2. Yeah that's what I saw too! Would be great to get it today but it's pretty late
  3. I know multiple people who have got an Alberta one without Calgary, or vice versa. Several of these people were also accepted after only receiving one invite. And I don't know many people in med school as I'm a non-trad, so the fact that this has happened to the majority of people that I do know tells me this happens to a lot of people. Think they likely have fairly different things they look for, which when you think about it is a good thing as we get more variety in the Alberta medical field. Also don't get too down on not getting Calgary (I also didn't this year). A friend of mine scored really low in his first app to Calgary and then got an interview this year. It's a subjective process w/ a bit of luck involved and sometimes is more a reflection of the evaluation process' flaws than the quality of your app.
  4. They say in the email that it is "a generic email sent to all current applicants and in no way guarantees you an interview." Even if you didn't get one though, I wouldn't worry as these sort of blanket emails tend to miss a few people (McMaster's mailing list had similar problems this cycle).
  5. Oh that's my bad, must have read that wrong when I was looking at old posts. Thank you for the clarification!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Was thinking it would be tomorrow as the prior 4 years had all been Tuesdays.
  7. I would guess that this is just a glitch in the system and doesn't mean anything. From Calgary's blog, today is the day that the Admissions Committee receives the files for final approval so it wouldn't make sense that they have the interview offers in the system before they're approved. EDIT: Alternatively, it could be that a few people have been put into the system as getting offers (the ones seeing that tab) and the rest will be put in over the next few days on a rolling basis. All I'm saying is don't get discouraged if you don't see this yet as none of us know what it means.
  8. Just a heads up to anyone who hasn't seen yet, U of C posted on their blog that interview invites will be sent out late next week! Good luck to you all!
  9. They're a fair bit different. U of A takes all 4 years of your undergrad into account and drops your worst year if you have 4 full-time years from Sept-Apr. They will exclude any grade that isn't part of a full-time semester (18 credits from Sept-Apr or 12 credits in spring/summer) but otherwise include everything. Calgary on the other hand takes everything except for spring/summer terms into account, regardless of how many courses you have taken in spring/summer. They also can drop your worst year from the calc, but they will drop the year if you have 2 full-time years, not 4. If you took 4 full-time semesters Sept-Apr as a lot of people do, the GPA's should be the same. If you did a fair bit of summer work, they will likely be different and even substantially so. For example, if your undergrad was a co-op program, you might miss out on the requirement to have 4 full-time Sept-Apr terms at U of A which would invalidate you from having a year dropped there. Likewise, if a lot of your best semesters were taken in the summer, your Calgary GPA would take a hit since they don't include any summer work. Hope this helps!
  10. I don't see this on mine. I would call them and ask - they were helpful with a question I had before.
  11. Not the guy you're replying to but UWorld, Khan Academy, and Testing Solutions are all really good IMO. Kaplan and TPR are OK, and then JW sucks. A lot of people like JW though and it's free, so maybe take a look through a few passages and see how you like it. I just didn't think they were representative and I didn't like knowing how many people got each question right/wrong as it was demoralizing.
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