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  1. OHH okay, I haven't even gotten an email yet, my Mosaic still has the pending green circle
  2. Who hasn't gotten a decision from Mac OT yet? I received my rejections from Queens, Western and UoT but still waiting for an email or update from Mac. Mosaic is showing a green pending circle but I think I had that circle since submitting my application.
  3. Does anyone know what the green circle (pending) on Mosaic implies? I haven't received an email from them confirming or denying me yet..could they be waiting for rejections before sending out a second wave?
  4. Did you ever get a solid answer for what happens to courses in-progress during Jan 2020? I'm currently taking courses to bump up s-GPA (I'm done my undergrad) but didn't realize they wouldn't be counted in the sGPA calculations until after I applied in December. If they WERE counted, I'd most definitely have a chance at getting in this year, but currently my sGPA is too low to be competitive. I contacted two of the schools I applied to and they told me they don't USUALLY count winter grades..but didn't elaborate.
  5. Applied + (PT or OT?): All OT- Western, McMaster, UofT Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: 2.95 c-gpa and 3.59 s-gpa (my Sub-GPA was calculated much lower than I intended, as they took an average of my grades from a semester in 2018 unfortunately. I'm a realistic person, and while I'm pretty positive I won't be getting in for Sept 2020, I'll excited to apply again next year with my Winter 2020 grades bumping out my terrible 2018 grades) Have plenty of relevant experience: currently work as a Recreational Therapist where I create and lead recreational therapy group programs and 1:1 therapy; Work along side a Team Canada athletic trainer and shadow physio appointments with athletes; many volunteer positions: text-line crisis responder; art therapy program support, drug cessation group therapy assistant, OT office assistant, special education classroom assistant.
  6. On ORPAS? I can see it at the bottom of my chart, is that not the official sGPA?
  7. I was going to apply to a few schools in the Uk for OT before applying for Canadian schools instead of going back to do one more year in my Undergrad to raise my cGPA. However, I talked to a girl who recently came back from Glasgow Caledonian's OT program, and she and her classmates who also came back to Canada won't be able to practice for over a year and a half. She's currently working a waitressing job and as an administrator at an OT Clinic I volunteer at. She's also had to pay over 5k for the process to convert her credentials. Check out the ACOTRO site for the processes involved.https://acotro-acore.org/registering-canada/were-you-educated-outside-canada If you can't apply to Canadian schools or don't want to return to university to up your grades, UK schools would a great route, but beware that it will take longer and cost much more.
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