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  1. I was in the same boat during clerkship and decided to pursue FM. I enjoyed the cerebral aspects of IM and really digging deep into patients' issues, however, realized that I am one of those people who work to live, not the other way around. I wanted the flexibility and time to spend it with my significant other and the thought of relocating potentially three to four times up until staff life was not something I wanted. At the end of four years, I just wanted to be 'done' and move on with life, rather than go through another gruelling 5-6 years of stress and uncertainty. I did 4 weeks of FM and the rest CTU/sub spec electives. Matched into my top choice of FM. No need for 6-8 weeks of FM I'd say (granted I had 8 weeks of core FM at my school).
  2. Hey all, With CaRMS coming up, and having a tight flight schedule - I will be travelling immediately to the airport from the interview locations for most of my interviews and am slightly worrying about where I’ll place my backpack and carryon luggage during my interview. I was just wondering in your experience whether there was a secure storage space for the interviews? If so, is it a check-in process/almost like a coat check process, or moreso find a spot and drop it there? Thanks!
  3. School interviewing at: UofA (RED DEER) Specialty: Family Medicine Current interview date: January 20, 2020 (Monday) Date would like to switch to: January 21st (Tuesday)
  4. Can you please elaborate regarding Calgary? It was definitely a place I was considering since I do have family there, however, it is not where I currently live. Thanks.
  5. Ridiculous... As an upcoming Albertan medical graduate, the only reason CMGs are picking to work in Alberta is because 1) living close to family ties, or 2) the Alberta Advantage ($). Given that the UCP is proposing to force Albertan CMGs into rural spots, and are inevitably going to slash physician compensation either by negotiating with the AMA or forcibly through legislation, what's keeping future Albertan CMGs here? To encourage rural physicians, they need to incentivize, not force. Nobody likes being told what to do. Welcome to the brain drain and to even larger doctor shortages.
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