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  1. Hey guys, Most of you probably don't know me, old-timer that I am. I was never a fan of overseas volunteering for medical school admissions but while on vacation, I stumbled upon this fabulous clinic/B&B in Copan, Honduras, that I had to share. It is run by Rodger and his wife, American ex-pats, who built a lovely home/B&B with an adjacent free clinic. You can work directly with the medical staff and stay in his home with some delicious food. All proceeds from the B&B go directly to the clinic, if you would prefer to go on vacation instead. I thought it would be a neat opportunity because you could definitely do this solo or in pairs for a week. I recommend organizing a ride from the airport as San Pedro Sula is not particularly safe. And bring lots of deet. Thankfully not in a malaria zone. Definitely check out the ruins while there, too. http://www.paramedicsforchildren.org/volunteer.html
  2. blinknoodle

    Pathology prgrm UofT

    As a former AP resident from Toronto, I have no clue how they make their decisions. Rotating with people on the committee, whoever they are, is most important. They are at all different hospitals, including those mentioned above. When I applied, my elective was at Mt Sinai. To be more competitive at non-Toronto AP programs, I encourage you to do electives elsewhere. Anyways, I am simply reconfirming what has already been said. Good luck!
  3. Howdy from an old-timer.. I thought I'd share this piece for anyone who has struggled with rejection. It happens to be about medical school from a non-trad background, but it was a very moving piece: http://www.choosingraw.com/32-or-the-long-overdue-life-update/
  4. I wanted to see whether this was still alive and kicking.. and it is! Even more awesome to see some familiar names around here! And since the path community is so small, I wonder who you all are! PS. I still get a kick writing FRCPC after my name.
  5. blinknoodle

    Carms pathology 2011

    I heard there weren't that many applicants to pathology this year, which means empty seats somewhere.
  6. blinknoodle

    Dermatologist Appointment?

    Start with your family doctor. They can start with the base medications and go from there. Some (not all) family docs are uncomfortable using Accutane and send patients to dermatologists for that.
  7. blinknoodle

    Recommendations for electives

    Mac is known to have a great FM program but I can't recommend anyone specifically. UWO may be more IMG-friendly, though. I did a FM in Wawa/Sault Ste Marie and really enjoyed it. As you said, a greater scope of practice. If you search on the threads, I've spoken about it before. It was organized through NOMP. For FM, most applicants do not necessarily do FM electives though. A lot of other specialties work well for the diversity - IM, Emerg, dermatology, etc. If you want to get into an IM residency, Mac and Toronto have great programs. Best to try to do a CTU elective, though, especially for Toronto and work with people on the selection committee. For Toronto, I recommend CTU at TWH and St Mike's. I also liked my Resp rotation through TGH/TWH/MSH. I did a nephro elective at Mac that I enjoyed. Nephro is also good at UWO (I can recommend UH). Hope this helps.
  8. The job market for pathologists in Ontario is not that great, especially in academic centres. A few years ago it was, but those jobs have been filled. Plus the hospitals do not necessarily have the budget to hire full-cost pathologists. I would expect a subspecialty to be very common place to get a job now, but I think the job situation in Ontario, at least, will improve within the next 5 years.
  9. A genetics elective at Mt Sinai (prenatal) or Sick Kids (paeds) sounds like a good idea. I can't comment on specific preceptors though but it is a small community in genetics.
  10. Surgical rounds will depend on your team, patient load, etc. The earliest I ever started was at 5:30 am. FYI, the Yonge/University/Spadina line (north/south line) doesn't start until 6am, but before that there is a bus that goes up/down Yonge. I don't know what happens on the east/west line or on the Spadina side, but you are covered up to Yonge and Finch with early bus service.
  11. Yup, the numbers are out there... but how will it translate to how you do? Dal had the highest number of students matching to their first choice discipline in 2009, but in 2008 it was UWO (my class!). I don't know if the first choice (program) stats are available online. http://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2009R1_MatchResults/12MatchReport_E.pdf http://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2008R1_MatchResults/13Canadian%20Graduates%20Match%20Results%20by%20Choice%20Discipline%20and%20Medical%20School_en.pdf
  12. http://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2009R1_MatchResults/16MatchReport_E.pdf In 2009, it was McGill but I don't know where the grads go... you can look up lots of stats on the carms website Here is a more detailed view: http://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2009R1_MatchResults/10MatchReport_E.pdf http://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2009R1_MatchResults/11MatchReport_E.pdf
  13. It really depends what kind of traveller you are... do you want to explore at your own pace or do you want less stress by moving around with a tour? Are you travelling solo or with a friend? I know friends who have done all combinations of the above. Personally, I prefer to book everything myself and travel with one person. I know friends who have had good luck travelling with GAP Adventures and Contiki. If you have a place you are thinking about travelling, we can offer advice here - but the world is a big place. I travelled to Japan and loved it. It was safe, clean and a great way to learn about a new culture, experience architecture and natural beauty and devour delicious food. It could totally be done solo. A bit pricey but completely worth it. June is the beginning of the rainy season, so look into that. I am heading to Turkey soon... very affordable travel but a bit more sketch if going solo outside Istanbul. If those areas are of interest, PM me.
  14. I agree that Alberta would be the best choice. It trains the residents very well but it is a general signout throughout all five years (I prefer some subspecialization while learning). McMaster is known to have a lot of friction between staff and residents and not the best learning environment. In Toronto, we have had one resident transfer from Mac to Toronto during the last years of residency (they claim it was due to cultural support in Toronto and nothing to do with the residency program) and another grad came to spend a year learning as they failed the royal college. Can't comment on Memorial.
  15. I know some IMG pathology residents have skipped PGY1 at Toronto. Personally, if a former pathologist has to skip any time, I wouldn't think PGY1 would be what to miss, rather PGY2, but that's just me!