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  1. Is anybody in Victoria wanting to practice? I can meet anywhere.
  2. The application portal with the checklist. However, I applied directly through UBC so it may be different if you applied through the ADEA
  3. I would say if you haven’t received any communication from UBC to check the portal. Perhaps the email was sent to spam by accident? You may have an offer waiting that you did not know about!
  4. Invite, IP GPA: 83% AA: 22 PAT: 26 Thought I had some decent extracurriculars and a good essay!
  5. Ahaha i completely understand where you’re coming from. I feel the same way - each passing day I’m less and less anxious.
  6. I haven’t heard anything. It may be a result of the snow day, or perhaps it is because they introduced new sections on the application and they just want to thoroughly go through them? I’m not completely sure! Was crossing my fingers that we would have had some communication by now. Not sure if I speak for anyone else but I’m extremely nervous!
  7. I believe in the past they have come out on the third Monday of January. Crossing my fingers we hear back then!
  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they now included EC’s and a personal statement (in addition to an array of questions) for their application. Because of this, they will likely be using a more holistic approach to extend their invites. However, those are pretty good stats so as long as you have good EC’s I’m sure you have a pretty good shot. Hopefully we will get to meet at the interview stage!
  9. How did everyone do? Heres my breakdown: Chem: 22 Bio: 22 Science Total: 22 Reading Comp: 23 AA: 22 PAT: 26 I am very happy with these scores! Was a little bit worried with biology, so I am very happy I did well there!
  10. Hi, I just had a question regarding those of you who have finished your application to UBC and are writing the DAT on November 2. Has the "Official DAT score" box when you sign in to your application been checked off with a date, or has it remained unchecked? I am just ensuring they don't need proof that you are writing it in November. Thanks everyone.
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