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  1. That should absolutely be waived I got it no problems including other cards, your advisor may not be as familiar with the professional med LOC program, that credit card is apart of the program. I would either insist on the issue or look for someone more familiar with medical students.
  2. Unfortunately I'd say your best bet is to retake some courses/second undergraduate degree if Med school in Canada is really your dream. You can apply to Mac/U of T still and be considered, though your facing a very steep uphill battle. You'd need 129CARS and top percentile casper for Mac and top notch references/essays etc for U of T to get an interview.
  3. It never hurts to apply and you have a chance in the grad applicant stream, but with that GPA it would be quite challenging, as long as you meet cut offs it doesn’t seem like U of T considers mcat further. What’s your 2 year or best 2 gpa like you might have a batter chance at other schools.
  4. Registering for classes is one of the to-do's you have to actively do. However they also add to not register for classes unless your likely to actually go to Dalhousie.
  5. Going to be declining my offer (IP) tomorrow, so there should be some movement this week. Good luck!
  6. Hey I was wondering if anyone could comment if they think the curriculum has improved/were the admin receptive to the feedback?Or if they would have preferred going to another school? Recently got an offer and leaning towards western, but considering queens as well and this post has me a little worried about the brand new curriculum at western.
  7. Result: ACCEPTED (London) Timestamp: 9:02AM 2-year GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 129/129/129/129 (519) Interview: Online interview, came out feeling really great felt it was my best interview. Year: Graduated from Masters, been working for in Biotech in Halifax. Geography: Halifax, NS Not sure yet, deciding between queens/western/dalhousie.
  8. Does the first round of wait-list offers usually come out before the deadline to accept other schools?
  9. Accepted at dal (IP) waiting to hear back from toronto/queens/western.
  10. Well it has been as late as 2PM so early afternoon still? My bet is on Thursday though.
  11. Yea was wondering if anyone didnt hear back yet?
  12. Are you going to be doing a fourth year? western requires a 3.7 for each of the two years. You will also need to take the MCAT for both Queens/Western/McMaster and score quite well especially in CARS. Not sure about quebec universities.
  13. Surely it must be next week if they want to give us "considerable notice", and still pick off a waitlist before the May deadline.
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