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  1. The minimum in general is 3.5, but depending on which stream you apply to, the WGPA cut-off is different. English is 3.85-3.87 depending on where you live.
  2. I got a rejection last year at 9:00am. If you look at last years forum you may be able to figure out the time but again, could be different.
  3. The email I got said 4294 applications, 164 positions available and 575 candidates being interviewed.
  4. When I was applying through OMSAS, I emailed them asking how to submit the documents and they said submit through the OMSAS application. About mid October I was contacted by them asking to mail the documents to the Faculty of Medicine, but I brought them in person since I live in Ottawa. Seems like they are a little unorganized for their first year with a new program as to how they want the documents submitted.
  5. This may be late to reply, but for anyone else who needs information for this! I'm in the same situation and I was required to submit my moms NOAs as well as a divorce certificate!
  6. Although it may seem unhelpful to some people, students coming from LSES have had to overcome crazy obstacles to even be able to go to university (speaking from my own experience). While the WGPA is still the same as the other schools, anyone has to say it is impressive to be able to 1) achieve that WGPA, and 2) work multiple jobs and volunteer, WHILE maintaining their marks. Yes it would be nice to have a lower WGPA, but this is their first year with this initiative and they could possibly lower it depending on how many people apply and qualify for it. I was personally thrilled for this because it is helping students who need it the most. It is not perfect, but there is always room for future revisions. Anyways, just me going off on a tangent a little.
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