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  1. Chances? cGPA (w. summer courses): 3.58 MCAT: 514 (127 CARS) Starting a 2 year undergrad degree this fall. Hypothetically if I apply this year, with a super good CASPER, is there even a slightest chance of interview?
  2. Do you think if I upgraded my GPA with my second degree, my MCAT will be fine for future cycles or would I need to rewrite it? Thanks!
  3. I was going to apply to western, but I thought I couldn’t bc you have to be going into the last year of your degree to apply? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I am enrolling into a second degree starting this year. However, I am still thinking about applying to Queens this application cycle! I was wondering if that's a wise choice with a slim chance of acceptance or should I just not apply? 2YGPA: 3.73, MCAT: 514 (130/127/130/127), currently a employed healthcare professional. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Given the advice in the forum, I am looking to start a second undergrad in Fall 2020. My current cGPA is roughly 3.7 with a 2YGPA of 3.72. I wrote the MCAT last summer with a 514: 130/127/130/127. Do you think a second degree would suffice (with hopefully 3.9+) or would I also need to re-write the MCAT for a better score? Thanks! (I am IP for ontario)
  6. Thanks so much! Also just a follow up,, do you think that my stats would be competitive if I acquired IP in another province (ex Saskatchewan) without doing a second undergrad? I could work for 3 years in another province and not do another degree if my current stats would be OK? Thanks again:)
  7. Yes, I had fair amount of P/F. My first year had 0 P/F courses and my third year only had 1 P/F What would my chances be like it I decided to do a second undergrad in ON? & which province would be the best to move to for IP status? Thanks !
  8. 3.69 cGPA 1st year: 3.73 2nd year: 3.59 (a lot of pass/fail courses) 3rd year: 3.74 4th year — placements only (pass fail) All taken at full course load.
  9. Hello everyone! I finished undergrad with a cGPA of 3.69 and got an MCAT score of 514 (130/127/130/127) I am IP for Ontario, what are my chances at Ontario MD schools and other schools outside of province? Should I consider a second degree or move out of province and attain IP status somewhere else. I just finished a nursing degree and am currently working so I wouldn't have trouble working in another province for couple of years. I would prefer staying in ON, if that means doing a second degree here to boost my chances. I just wanted advice or options as to the most effective (not the fastest) route to an MD! (I can also try to rewrite the MCAT for a higher CARS score???) Please help me out, thanks!
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