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  1. Hey everyone, In anticipation of a chunk of first semester being online, I am trying to find ways to make studying at my family home a bit easier. I never studied at home during undergrad (went to the library, coffee shops, etc.) so I'm a bit worried I'll get little done. Anyone have advice, products, techniques that they've found effective for studying at home with family members (either in med or undergrad)? I've been told to get noise cancelling headphones and a comfortable chair... anything else? Many thanks
  2. I sent mine on May 20th and it has been "Received" for a while.
  3. Amazing!! Congratulations What was the time stamp on the email??
  4. Is the idea of emailing admissions to ask too wild at this point LOL
  5. That's what I thought too but then I realized that what this actually means is that by year four, 4 different students will be receiving the scholarship (1 student from each year). So each year there will only be 1 winner.
  6. so sorry - the timestamp on this regret scares the life out of me
  7. LOOL greatest line! Thank you for making someone laugh on this grim day
  8. BUMP! anyone out there willing to speak about their experience over message?
  9. is there a FB page or message group for MMI prep at UBC campus? thanks!
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