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  1. Do I not have a shot at other schools like Western, Queens, U of C, or U of A? I’m IP in AB as well.
  2. Hi all, I’m currently a JD student at a law school in Canada and am interested in pursuing medical school after I graduate and article. Reasons for doing so aren’t too important here but if anyone is wondering, feel free to private message me. I would like some advice regarding a future application/things I can do to set myself up to do well. Current Info: Undergrad GPA: 3.95ish CGPA, L2 and B2 about the same. Undergrad Degree: Business. Law School GPA: N/A. My school has an alternate grading scheme that does not give out letter grades that can be converted into a GPA. ECs: Average. Done a couple leadership activities in undergrad and law school. Nothing too amazing but not sparse. Research: Obviously none. MCAT: Haven’t written it yet. Not too concerned about the CARS section (I’ve heard that’s the most important one) given my background but the science sections are certainly going to require some effort. I have some pre-reqs (two semesters of Gen Chem, one semester of physics) but not all. If needed, I’m considering doing them in my 3rd year of LS, thoughts? Overall, I would like some advice on the best way to proceed, things I should do/should not do, and any advice in general. Thanks for all your help!
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