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  1. Does your Waitlist mention “RSPP Waitlist”? im confused as to what my status means. It only says rspp Waitlist, but no rank number. I wonder if this means I’m only on the rspp Waitlist but not the regular one...
  2. Ok. It says the same thing for my rank : not yet received/processed Well, good luck to your friend!
  3. Hello! Does your friend know their waitlist rank? I'm on RRSP too. I thought we were placed on both lists (IP and RRSP).
  4. My rank list says “not yet received/processed” anyone else in this situation?
  5. TIME STAMP: 12:15 Result: wait list Pre-req GPA: 4.00 MCAT: NA Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I thought I did terribly. It was my first time. Year: 1st year post 2nd undergrad IP/OOP/International: IP, RRSP
  6. You have to take into consideration that students that were in the Med-P year are transferring to the MDCM year 1. These spots are included in the 156 total.
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