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  1. What time do they normally start sending out results?
  2. I think you're right! Usually they just say "early March" Any chance they decided to release them today instead? haha
  3. I'm obsessed with knowing. Does everyone else think about it constantly?
  4. I asked.... they said it is for our application year, so we will hear between March 11-18th! Unfortunately @Limes they couldn't even tell me whether all decisions will be released within the same day. Let alone tell me the results today. Sacrificing my first born wasn't enough.
  5. I hope that information isn't correct... I was expecting that we would hear around March 6th like last year. I'll call admissions later today to ask. It looks like they have the dates created for the next years admissions but the years are all 2020...
  6. My understanding is that MUN stressed CARS less than other schools. I don't know this person's score in individual section but I know someone who got in with 493. They do use a hollistic approach so as long as you are well rounded overall or stand out in someway you should be good :)
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