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  1. What are some other universities that only focus on the last two years when calculating GPA? I only know Dalhousie
  2. I am in my second year right now, you really think it is possible to move from a 2.9 to a 3.9?
  3. So I am in my second year with a very low GPA of 2.98 as a Business Administration student and i have made up my mind to fully commit to my studies and work extra hard to improve my GPA and hopefully graduate with a 3.5+ distinction. I am thinking of retaking some of the classes i did not perform well as a freshman just to boost my GPA and get rid of the Cs. Just looking for some motivation and honest opinions on what you think i should do, should i retake my first year classes or should i just keep on going and apply to Med schools that only focus on the last two years of undergrad once i graduate ? Thank you.
  4. I am in my second year as a Business Administration student and am a bit confused as to whether i should stick to my BBA program or transfer my credits to a science degree just to increase my chances of getting into Med School. With that being said, are there any specific prerequisites or it depends on the university you are planning to apply to? Any non tradition grads who got into Med school? Just looking for some motivation.
  5. I am in my third year as a business student but my dream is to one day get into med school, i need to start volunteering as soon as possible
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