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  1. This is what's on the admissions page: "For applicants presenting 4 or more full-time academic years (September through April) of transferable post-secondary coursework, we may exclude the lowest academic year from calculation, provided that it is not the most recent full-time academic year, nor the only year in which the student earned 30 ucw." I emailed the admissions person and this is what she said: "If your 4th year is in progress and you present a minimum of 4 academic years with a minimum of 18 transferable UCW each year (from September through April), your 3rd full-time academic year could be waived if it is the one disadvantaging your cGPA." I'm still somewhat confused. I'm starting my 4th year undergrad next school year and applying for med school as well. I have 4.0 in 1st year, 3.94 in 2nd year, and maybe end with 3.78 in 3rd year (with all classes worth the same credits). Does this mean that for determining who gets an interview, they will calculate the average of my first 3 years (3.91 GPA) but by the time they make admission offers in May, they drop the 3rd year? So come May, if I get a 3.84 in my 4th year, will they only calculate using my 1st year, 2nd year, and 4th year GPA?
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