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  1. Key hole was probably my weakest section. I think I saved it for last on my real DAT. What helped was to first *dont* look for the correct answer out of the 5(?) options. Use process of elimination to just get rid of the shapes that are totally off. At least this will give you a better chance when you have to make a guess. I then moved on to see which part of the shape is the most "unique". These are usually features that are unique to the options presented to you and you can further use process of elimination. I think so far you can narrow things down to at least two options at this point. The hardest part of the real test was exactly what you're talking about, some lines need to be the exact same scale and size as the real figure. At this point I just looked and made a choice that I felt worked best (most of the time I was confident). I think the hardest part of this section is to first realize that the scales of the lines can differ even tho the shape is quiet literally the same, so being conscious of these discrepancies will help you to avoid falling into traps (you're already thinking of the right things). I'd also look at the different lines within each figure option. Usually one line stands out being too short or too long. Dont look at the whole figure as being too big or small, I think it makes it more confusing this way. But another skill of PAT is to not waste so much time on one question. If you cant get it after a few seconds just mark it down, skip it, and go back to it later. Cuz theres another 5 questions out there you can bang off easily and you dont want to be hard pressed for time on those easy points. Best of luck
  2. I believe most movement will start to happen after next week. This is when med students have to choose which program they will be attending and the ones on the waitlist for med will see if they got in or not. This could extend into late June as all schools will start to finalize their class.
  3. Hey Zaandrei. Thanks alot for the info! Cheers
  4. Med school is still expensive (yes not as much as dental) so the smaller tuition fees should not be the sole reason to switch into med (there might be other reasons you have that I'm not aware of). I also agree with the above poster in terms of really thinking about the committment of dental school before starting it and then jumping to med. Maybe give dental a year instead of 2 years to really see if it's for you. At least you'll be in less debt and can really evaluate if it's for you. I get that it's hard to commit to a career that we all basically have no experience in. So maybe you can even talk to physicians and dentists to get a bigger idea of what they do on a day to day. I'm just tossing ideas around but wishing you luck. Switching back to your original question, I know of fresh dental grad associates who took multiple years to pay off their debt (not incredibly long) and they did this by working. And what I mean by working, they were willing to travel anywhere to find work and to work as much as they can even in multiple clinics. Also worth mentioning, during these phases I do know that they kept other expenses at an all time low which obviously would maximize how they pay it back. I'm entering dental school now and I obviously have the same worries as you. I agree I'd be lying if I said it doesnt phase me. But I know the first step now is to just learn to be a good dentist and graduate. Paying back the debt is a goal that will need to be achieved in the future and I'll cross that bridge once I get to it. Like all investments, it takes time to be in the positive. Cheers
  5. *posting super late but this is for future applicants * Normal waitlisted (I think lol) 2 Year GPA: 3.97 DAT: 22 AA, 22 PAT Interview: I actually felt I did well. Maybe I could have made it more personable but it was harder online. Time constraints also made difficult to hit all points in mind. There was also a few awkward silences but oh well. I prefer in person interviews I guess. Will be attending UofT!
  6. Each school calculates GPA differently as well. So check out what each school does and go from there. If low 80 is your top two UG years (like how western calculates it), you might have a chance. Maybe with some good essays and a stellar interview. If the low 80 is ur cumulative GPA of your top three years (like how toronto calculates it) then you might be in tough waters. Usually a grad student would have a better shot but it's kinda tough with that. I dont know what your GPA is for each school though so try and calculate that I guess. Best of luck dude/dudette
  7. Hi MitralLunar, Check through my previous posts, I think I jotted down most of what I did to prep for the DAT. Best of luck
  8. Accepted GPA: 3.93 DAT: 22 AA, 22 PAT Interview: felt great and pretty chill
  9. Hello! Western does give "bonus" points to MSc students who completed their degree prior to the application deadline. It's on their website. Toronto, however, is not as explicit in how they evaluate a grad applicant (I might be wrong but I couldnt find it anywhere). But I think they provide some benefit. I think there is some sort of trend where people who have sub par "stats" and an MSc have a better chance at an interview. But who knows. At the end of the day, it all depends on what your numbers are. If you are in a competative range then you should have a good chance. Cheers
  10. Hey there, The science section for CDA manual was alot easier than the real deal (I took the Nov 2019 exam). CDA RC was kinda similar to the real deal but I'd use other RC resources to get well versed in different passage and question styles. PAT is abit harder on the real deal as well but honestly it wasnt too crazy - if you have a solid and consistent method to tackle each PAT section and can perform well under time constraints then you're good. At the end of the day, do as many practice tests and questions as possible (coming from any resource), review your mistakes, and you will be great! Goodluck!
  11. Hey ILCguy I do not think it will matter when your new defence date is for the next cycle. I'm pretty sure everything will "reset". I'd just try and defend this year and if you get an R you can always go back to your lab as research assistant for a year. Even get paid too LOL. Cheers
  12. I agree with this 100%. I also wrote the nov 2019 DAT. During prep the keyholes was definately the hardest PAT section. But it wasnt as tough as the real deal. Just solidify a method of answering the questions and apply it to the real test and it should be okay.
  13. I think a consistent evaluation can be viewed as a positive thing, as long as it's not a big red flag. I wouldnt worry about it.
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