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  1. Wish you the best of luck Hope you get accepted!!
  2. It's helping for sure! Thanks I would appreciate to have your impression of your results since we have a similar pathway, thank you so much for your help. Good luck!
  3. Hello! Thank you! Yes you are right we have a similar pathway, it's really encouraging to see and I will try to highlight my nursing experiences for sure! I won't have points for professional degree unfortunately, but I hope it will still be enough.Thank you for the tip on casper, what book did you use? Would you say it helped? I hope everything goes well for you since you just did your interviews! Good luck! Thank you all for your help it's seriously reeeaaallly encouraging
  4. Hi, I'm sorry, i am not a med student so for the whole process of admission, i'm clearly not the best to answer (and also for my english, not my first language). But from what I understand, what is important is not exactly what you did when you were 20, and 21, 22, etc. It's more how you present the situation, that you had obstacles, you overcame them, you worked hard, and now you have grown from your experiences and you have the maturity, the experiences and you truly know how the patients would feel in a given situation. And even if it's something that seems meaningless for you, can always be presented like an experience that made you grow as a person (interacting with people, finding solutions to problems, leadership, etc.). So from my point of view, the question is not what happened before that counts, it is more what you will make out of it in the future. If you are willing to take all the classes, the degree, the volunteering, etc. why not? And in the meantime, maybe you will discover something else during your studies that you will love to pursue as a plan B! It is just my honest and humble opinion, wish you the best of luck!
  5. Thank you for your advice, veeery helpful! If I can ask, what kind of highlight did you use to make yourself stand out? Was it clinical, or more like a hobby? Thank you again everyone!
  6. Nice! Thank you for your input, really appreciate!! Another question. IF i'm incredibly lucky, beyond possible. Let's say they make a mistake, and i'm accepted next year. Is there an alternative instead of dropping the master (after 1 year)? Or can I finish it part time while doing my first/second year? During the summer maybe? Thanks again!
  7. True! IP, First time applying Casper: I will pass the casper test this year, I haven't done it yet. But when I will apply, it will be the second time. My first undergrad was a professional degree (gpa too low, about 3.3/4.3), my second is a microbiology program (gpa around 3.8/4 probably) EC: working as a nurse, some volunteering not a lot per week but since a veeery long time (10+ years), waiting for another possibility too. Few sports quite diverse, as hobbies, not competitive but started a long time ago. Music as a hobby also. Research: I have a few experience in research (1 summer including a grant, and 8 months (during school)). This summer I should have another internship too. No pubs. I would appreciate your opinions, experiences! Do I stand a chance to even think about it? Thanks!!
  8. Hey! I don't know what to do next. I'm finishing my second undergrad, cGPA will probably be around 3.8/4, I am going to apply next year to Mcgill 1. What are my chances? 2. I don't know what to do next year, research master? Professional master? 1 year master? something else? I honestly don't know what are the best options to be considered as a better candidate for next year application!! Thank you all for your answers, best of luck!
  9. Hi everyone, I just calculated my wGPA for U of Ottawa and I am 0.013 to meet to cut-off... ;( Anyone knows how to gain that extra 0.013 GPA (I am ending my bachelor this year, so doing another year into this current bachelor's is not an option) Thanks!
  10. Hello! If i can ask, what kind of experiences do you have in order to be competitive? what did you do to make up for a lower GPA? Thanks!
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