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  1. @Meridian Hello, thank you for your reply, I am applying this year. Health Sci is one of my options but I know there is a very small possibility of getting in, so I'm opening up to more options.
  2. @YesIcan55 I can kind of see what you mean by the limited working opportunities. I have decided already though that I want to go into the medical field as a coroner, with being a performer as my backup. Thank you anyway @clopidogrel do you mean that if I choose music as a major, I will most likely need to apply more times than if I have biology as a major? @Moonlight2 Hello, I totally agree with what you said about how time management and stress is good experience. I already have a pretty decent work ethic from IB and that is definitely not something I would want to disappear however, I'm just reluctant with possibly having significantly more stress than bio majors due to rehearsals and practices and on top of that, doing bio/chem course work while studying for MCAT. I'm not really sure how the whole thing works, but I just don't want to have a disadvantage when applying because of the stress that can possibly put me down. I will check that YouTube out!!
  3. Hello, I am applying to university soon and I would like to stay in Toronto as much as possible. For all my life, I have always been considering the traditional route of taking Life sciences to go to Med school, but my options have opened ever since I started to play the harp. I am graduating from the IB program and I want to avoid workload stress however, I do understand that taking music as a major will require a lot of my time, I heard, double the amount as normal undergrads do. Despite that, I also play music as a form of de-stressing and I go to it when I don't want to study. I also heard that there are a lot of advantages with being a music major, with it improving your likelihood in getting into university because of uniqueness, dexterity, reflectivity etc. I want to become a coroner so I definitely have to take Med school. I'm not actual sure how university works with all the majors, minors, specialists, degrees etc. So considering that I want to have the minimum amount of stress while still having the required courses for Med school, what would be the best options for me? Major in music and take bio courses during summer school? (yikes) Take Life sciences and somehow find a way to do music (um?) or are there any options? If I take music as a major, would I have to take a gap year before I get into med school? Thank you so much!
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