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  1. People get in until end of August and things are delayed cause of covid, I wouldn’t give up just yet. But I wouldn’t expect anything either.
  2. This is confusing as 124-116 means that they only added 8 spots when they were supposed to add 12 to make a total of 16 overall. But the 79, (assuming I’m remembering correctly) reflects 11 new spots added (79-68). The supernumerary position thing also gets confusing here as if they supposedly already had unlimited spots for affirmative action applicants why did they dedicate the new spots to the affirmative action applicants and rural Nova Scotians? Yes, I think this is a good thing, but at the same time it doesn’t make sense. And if the 16 spots are now for affirmative action applicants why the continuing fluctuating numbers from what they are supposedly supposed to have?
  3. They definitely could find 16 people from rural Nova Scotia in the applicant pool, Nova Scotia has a high rural population so I don’t think filling the seats is an issue. And even if they didn’t I don’t see why they would leave any government funded seats unfilled. I’m suspecting they may have delayed adding them due to COVID concerns with class size or just haven’t updated the max seats on dalonline. There should be 130 seats there to reflect the new class size.
  4. Oh dal med LOL. Someone call Scooby doo and the gang
  5. It doesn’t make sense that the class size still stays 120 when they were supposed to add 16 new seats in total? https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5240073 ...unless they didn’t do it...
  6. Likely there are 19 spots from all OOP, NB and NS rn. It’s hard to tell what’s going on there though, like do accepted people who are unsure even register for classes?
  7. There are 12 more spots this year than last year since they added 4 spots last year in the summer.
  8. Just speculating here, but the other factors are probably based on class composition e.g. male to female ratio and diversity if they even care past African Nova Scotians and Indigenous folks who knows. And I’m sorry about the notification giving you hope LOL. Was just trying to revive this thread just in case anyone has any updates.
  9. Anyone else worried that we haven’t received any official waitlist confirmation yet this year?
  10. Wait, what I'm graduated, but I took a couple of 1st year courses in my 3 and 4th years? Does that mean they'll calculate gpa differently this time for everyone I don't understand?
  11. Their website had the wrong thing written on it for a whole application cycle.
  12. Okay, but the thing is they never changed it apparently. Dr. Rideout said that choosing what degree you use for GPA calculation and that determining which undergrad degree counts was always a rule. So why wasn't that on the website? And there was a medical student who said the rule changed so even the students were confused? And their website changed in late 2018 to make it seem like it was a new requirement that you have to finish any degree in progress. And then they told people applying different things which caused some people to not apply at all. And now they've updated their website so the undergraduate part finally makes sense, but the graduate part is still confusing like maybe it's a typo because wth an undergraduate degree can't be a graduate degree. We shouldn't be this confused is all I'm saying. Policies should be clear that's all.
  13. Exactly they just don't wanna deal with the issues created with what was previously written. Why didn't they say on their website specifically you can pick and choose what degree you submit and you have to finish that degree not just "if you are enrolled in a degree at the time of application." Or why didn't their website talk specifically about second undergraduate degrees. And why doesn't it talk about thesis versus non-thesis based masters. Why would you leave applicants confused?
  14. okay there are people that got in halfway through their 2 year grad degrees though...
  15. I don’t get the part about graduate degrees. Can you leave a non-thesis based graduate degree partway through still? And why does it say graduate degree and then refers to graduate and undergraduate!
  16. Online or in real life, it's the same shit. And I am not pursuing ruining people's dreams, I want all of these people to become doctors, if these people have their offers rescinded they can apply again. Most people take a few attempts!
  17. "You are shitty" and "you suck" are both personal attacks which are not allowed on this forum. Please go review the forum rules. I am appalled that a medical student is insulting pre-meds on this forum. Don't you have to be studying, not cyber bullying? I sure hope you don't get this mad and start calling your poor patients names when you're a physician.
  18. I actually don’t know anyone who got in from pharmacy. I never saw anyone post on Facebook from pharmacy. I’m not at all trying to get anyone in particular’s admission’s offer revoked. I’m just here because I think this is wrong. I think the majority of the application process is as fair as it can possibly be actually. Just this one rule is causing issues because some applicants are being treated differently than others in regards to this rule. Actually the people who brought this up are pharmacy students who were told they couldn’t apply to dal med because of this rule. People on the waitlist aren’t witch-hunting sorry for your misinterpretation of the situation.
  19. That's very extreme, I would never call someone not qualified for the medical profession based on a post. In fact, I have not said anything against you. Again, we are not targeting anyone, we just want fairness. And I'm trying to point out the humanity of the admissions committee, a lot of people on this forum have said that admissions doesn't make mistakes and this is a valid example of one.
  20. Funny how you are calling us toxic and bitter when you can only direct your empathy towards one group in this situation that affects many. Also funny how the only people calling us names are the ones apparently against an equitable process in regards to this rule. I feel for EVERYONE involved in this. I feel empathy for the people who may have been wrongfully admitted under this new rule, for those who were told they don't even qualify to apply and for those on the waitlist. I don't personally want these people to have their acceptances rescinded because I'm jealous of them, this is a statement written by THE MEDICAL SCHOOL on their website. I want ALL admissions rules and policies to be followed, because if not anything goes!
  21. If you think the admissions team isn't capable of mistakes, and the people who get in are all angels and we're heartless for hoping a requirement is used to judge all applicants and potential applicants in a fair and equitable way, take a look at the story of the murderer who got into Dal's medical school: https://www.660citynews.com/2017/06/18/halifax-medical-student-found-guilty-of-first-degree-murder/. There's plenty more articles on the matter. We're not targeting individuals here, in fact the majority of us hope all of these people attend medical school, but if they attend this year, it calls into question the entire integrity of the admissions process. If a new (emphasis on new this was added to the website before this cycle, but after last) requirement applies to only some applicants, then will other applicants be able to apply say if they don't have an undergraduate degree now? Well it states they can't in plain language on the website, but if other rules are being broken, why not? This affects a large number of people including those who were told specifically by admissions that they could not apply, those on the waitlist that followed all the rules on the admissions website, and those who chose not to go into pharmacy or nursing or some other backup because they thought it would render them ineligible. You can't say to some people in an undergraduate degree that they can't apply and to some people that they can, that gives certain students special privileges while others lose a chance at applying. And don't forget the fact that admissions added this statement themselves to the website for this cycle in particular. Let me post it again, even though it's been posted several times already. Clearly, some people still don't know what we are referring to. "Students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies programs at the time of application and who receive an admissions offer will be required to successfully complete their program of study before beginning the undergraduate medical education curriculum. If the degree program is not completed, the admissions offer is rescinded. Thus, it is expected that students will apply during their last year of study."
  22. I'm sorry, but all I did is send you the new admissions requirement on the website which is different from the one you were talking about in your post. So therefore, you cannot say this is the same rule that was written a few years ago or a couple years ago or even last cycle, because it's not. If this is genuinely a misunderstanding, then that's completely okay with me. There's not limited answers that I will accept, I am just showing you what we are debating is different than what you were referring to that's all.
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