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  1. I didn't do a full course load in my 4th year of undergrad. It was nursing, and your schedule was basically predetermined. Ive always known that would not qualify for WGPA for that reason. The hope for UofT is for them to only consider my second degree.
  2. Hi all, I plan on taking 4 courses per semester for my second undergrad (currently enrolled). My overall GPA is 3.78. MCAT Score (126/129/127/129). Is it worth doing an additional two years of school if i'm not going to be taking 5 courses per semester?. Im in Ontario, and i think the only school that i wont be eligible for is Western. p.s. i cant take five courses because of other responsibilities as an older person, and i don't want to hurt my GPA again.
  3. Hello. Im just seeking clarification on how MCAT score evaluations work for Queen's. I have a 511 overall (126/129/127/129). Is the overall score below cutoff based on previous years? Do they have cut-offs for each individual sections as well? Should i rewrite? My 2YGPA is 3.94. Thanks in advance.
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