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  1. Does anyone know when we get our schedules?
  2. Hey! If you don’t mind sharing, why did you decide to defer?
  3. I'm not sure how much it could have affected my score - it's hard to say. Obviously for 4 of those years, I was in school, so I had a lot less hours then, but I worked at the same place for 6-7 years so I think the long-term commitment came through. I think having 75% of your activities during school would be understood by any committee. My score was 7/17 last year, and I changed my application a little this year. I understand the hurt of not getting an interview even when you feel like you're a competitive applicant. Last cycle, I had an interview at Calgary - and this year, I gave pretty much the same application with longer hours, and my scores went down to the point where I didn't interview there this cycle. It's a subjective process in a lot of ways. And yeah feel free to reach out and I can try to help.
  4. In my opinion, you should definitely try again. I would not worry so much about your grades because I know a ton of people with worse grades (myself included) who got in, and your ECs are very well-rounded and interesting. I didn't have any ECs that were 1000 hours other than my full time work. I pretty much have the same GPA and a lower mcat score, and I was finally accepted this year. What you said definitely resonated with me - I felt the same way and I got in after multiple cycles. I didn't get any interviews when I applied in my fourth year and so I graduated feeling lost and not knowing what to do next. Meanwhile, everyone I knew was moving up in life, getting accepted, getting engaged, etc. It was a hard pill to swallow. I had spent every summer since my second year of undergrad writing the MCAT. I ended up working in the same type of job for the next three years. I would urge you not to go into a Masters for the purpose of just boosting your app in some way (waste of money and time and commitment) - but if it's something you'd actually wanna do as a plan B then go for it! And don't feel peer pressured by people who tell you otherwise because half of them don't know what they're talking about. Someone told me to do an MBA because they knew someone who did an MBA and then got into med, but everyone's story is different. I also had no interest in doing an MBA so why would I do it just for the purpose of MAYBE getting into med. There is 100% A LOT of luck in this process so don't feel so defeated after one cycle - it's very subjective - especially for Calgary! If you ever need any help or advice, please feel free to PM me.
  5. In my opinion, if you think you could get a better score, then rewrite it. Because of COVID, it might actually be the best summer free of distractions to write the test again. I wrote the test 4 times, voided it the first time. My score did not change very much at all - and eventually I was accepted with my 508. However, if you scored a 513 and that was a lot lower than your practice tests, and you think you could do better, then maybe the higher score could open up more schools you could apply to.
  6. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: 3.8X MCAT: 508 Degree: B.Sc E.C: filled out all the entries: worked in a clinical/medical setting for 5-7 years, worked in a lab for 1 year, volunteered there for a few months before the job, student leadership, long-term volunteer commitments, some personal experiences and hobbies Interview: didn't think I did that well afterwards, was very upset with myself Thoughts: so grateful and excited, 3rd time applying with interviews each year
  7. Sent my stuff in Sunday but haven’t heard back yet either.
  8. Can someone confirm (bc I’m neurotic) that we send transcripts in/proof of conferment ONLY if we just graduated this year?
  9. Wouldn’t really say you’re an older applicant lol that’s pretty average! But congrats!
  10. I went into the interview with audio problems so I’m not sure they knew when I introduced myself and I didn’t wanna reintroduce myself in case they had heard me. they seemed really stone faced and borderline annoyed
  11. Does anyone think the interview will account for less now that they’ve changed the format and shortened it? Has anyone asked admissions?
  12. I’d be interested too. if it’s not too late, I’d love to join
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