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  1. Don't we all ... it really hurts when you know all the information but just don't have the time to finish. Guess this is the sport of studying where you need endurance and speed
  2. Nice, good luck! How did you find the MCAT without too much of a science background?
  3. Great, thanks for the information! I have a lot to think about but staying in my current program is looking like a good option given what you guys have been saying. If by some miracle I do get into graduate school I'll just be the weirdo with an agriculture degree haha. Still haven't dismissed transferring though as Western seems pretty good and I have received an offer from them. No matter the difficulty I do feel like the profession is worth pursuing ... guess I just have to give'r all I got and hope I get in!
  4. I thoroughly enjoy most biology (or related) courses. It's just the organic chemistry and physics courses I'm not too fond of. I guess it will get better in upper years because some of those topics sound awesome, but the first and second year courses are horrific (especially to get high marks in) haha. I'm getting consistent 90s in all my agri-food systems, physiology, and general biology courses; but I doubt those marks would be too stellar in second year organic chemistry or physics. Anyone else hate physics and calculus here? Never liked them and probably never will lol
  5. The more I research the application process the more unstructured and confusing it is; feels like tossing my name in a hat and hoping for the best haha. As per your recommendations, I think I'll dig a little deeper into what program I really want to study and weight out the pros and cons to see if it is worth switching programs. Guess I better start studying for the MCAT now given that it is a pretty big part of the application along with extracurriculars. If I decide to transfer, will my first year of study at the new university be "at or above the year of study" as stated by some weight GPA requirements? Am I be considered in my second year retaking first year courses because of non-transferrable credits or first year taking first year credits (disregarding my past year at the last university)?
  6. Awesome thanks for the detailed response. I have heard of the fact that you don't necessarily need a life science or related degree to go into medicine but it's always been a little confusing to me. Wouldn't it look odd on my application that my degree has nothing to do with medicine? Plus, if that's the case why on earth would any "premed" student suffer through something like BioMedical Science and take difficult science courses (which are hard to get high marks in) ... I'd rather take something I enjoy haha Anyways, I have made some friends who are going into (or are in) the the medical field and they're all taking BioMedical Science, Life Science, Kinesiology, etc. So even though I don't need to take one of those...it seems like a more streamlined and "safer" option given almost everyone is taking it. Am I wrong in this respect?
  7. Does that mean I can apply after 3 years even if I'm not even close to completing a single degree? Given the time frame, in three year's time I will have finished 1 year of agriculture and 2 years of Life Science. Most people get an undergraduate degree before they enter medical school right? Add-on question I've heard some people say that you need to take a full course load each academic year. Does that mean I should fill up my first year at the new university with random electives? Given that I should have a really light load due to my transfer credits... Appreciate it!
  8. Hi y'all First time poster on the forum here! I've recently developed a passion for medicine from working with a buddy at my local hospital for a few months and am looking to give the career a shot. I'm currently in my first year of studying agriculture (B.Sc) which has a lot of biology and chemistry courses that I throughly enjoy. Since I am looking to go down this path, I've decided to switch programs (and university for a non-related reason). I understand that "traditional" undergraduate study is a 4 year degree; but how will the process be different for someone like me looking to switch programs in their first (or maybe second) year? Will medical schools look at my first (or maybe second) year or only focus on my new 4 year degree? Also, I'm a little confused on how transfer credits work and how they will contribute to my new degree. My marks aren't stellar since I was not planning to attend graduate school, but it's not terrible and is enough for me to transfer into my desired program. Any advice or input is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance guys!
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