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  1. Hi friends-is there a UofT MPI prep group on Facebook? Or a student portal of some sort? UBC has their Online Application System which gives more detail on the interview process so it feels like there's less info from UofT in comparison. Just want to make sure I didn't miss a link somewhere haha
  2. Oops I was basing this off of last year’s emails. Does anyone know if the invitation email tells you what your wGPA is?
  3. Oh man...so it begins. Hope there is more good news tomorrow!!!!!!! Does anyone know if order of invites is reflective of competiveness or is it just more of when the adcom reviewed your app?
  4. I hope we all get in and can be neurotic together when we have to go through this waiting game again for residency matching LOL
  5. I don't even know what I'll do if there are no invites tomorrow either LOL I don't mind waiting but it's the not knowing how long that IS GETTING ME REAL WORKED UP
  6. Ahahah we are in the same boat! I will be on a flight too! Trying to see if it's worth buying wifi during the flight.
  7. Dang it okay thank you!!! Will have to figure something out then.
  8. Dang how does booking interviews work though? I realize it's first come first serve, but will there be a link in the email that they send? Worried cause I won't have internet access Wednesday midday!!!
  9. duuuuUUUuUude I feel you...I really hope they send out early interviews today but maybe we'll be waiting till tomorrow???
  10. I had a dream I got an interview but when I went to book it all the time slots that I wanted were full LOL
  11. Welp here's hoping to getting good news tomorrow then...based on last year, early invites were sent around 1PM EST.
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