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  1. Yeah I was asked for clarification too because I held two different positions in a club, one after the other, so they wanted to ask how long I was in each position for! So I don't think asking for clarification is a bad thing
  2. Yeah I agree with the above commenter, long-term commitments do seem to be rewarded. However, it's really not feasible for every single activity in someone's application to be several years long. I did a breakdown of my own app and here's what I had: Only high school: 10 entries - Most were under 100 hours, and perhaps 1-3 years of commitment High school to uni: 3 entries - Longer commitment, probably 3+ years Only uni: 8 entries - These were only 1 year commitments at the time of my application, because I started most of my activities in 2nd year, and applied at the start of 3rd year
  3. Try using these equations to calculate!
  4. I think there was a blog post saying that you shouldn't split up entries unless you were serving in a different position. At the same time, if your responsibilities are vastly different, I guess it could count as a different position. I don't think it matters too much - Just make sure you're not "excluding" something important from your app by splitting it up in 2 entries. And if you combine into 1, make sure you can adequately explain your responsibilities within the character limit
  5. I think I'd discourage against this, because there are probably a lot of reviewers looking at your entries, and it wouldn't make sense for them to also have to look at your entries from the year before.
  6. WOW that's amazing!! I also embarked on a weight loss journey starting in May, went from 27.5 down to 24.5. I mostly just tried intermittent fasting (skipped dinner) and due to Covid, I did a lot of YouTube cardio exercise, almost every morning How about you, what did you do?
  7. Hello there! From screenshots I've seen of other people's scores, I think if you qualified for AGPA, it should show up there...Is there a reason why you think you'd qualify for AGPA? And have you calculated it to be higher than your OGPA?
  8. ^^^ If begging doesn't work, just upload your interim card and perhaps write an explanation at the end of your application? Obviously, if they decide to reject it, you'll be considered out-of-province anyways, but it's worth a try
  9. I think most of my entries were past tense, because a lot of my activities weren't ongoing by the time I applied. If it's something that's ongoing though, I may have had a mix of past/present tense. To be fair, I don't think grammar matters too much, just do whatever feels right + gets you under that character limit!
  10. All really great points! Another thing I should add is that, a lot of people in med school have pursued alternate career paths first, before coming back later to pursue Medicine. That might be something you can consider if your experiences + GPA aren't quite up to par by the time you graduate. Going to an alternate career path isn't giving up on your dream: It's being realistic with your time and building up the experiences for a competitive application
  11. Hi there, I'm in your class! I actually used the same methods as you did in undergrad (e.g. didn't use flash cards, mostly just read through the slides and my own notes and tried actively testing myself in my head). I've just entered med school from 3 years of undergrad, so I wouldn't call these methods super outdated or anything. And I was also in a pretty memorization heavy degree. So yeah, I think just use this 1st term to gauge whether or not you prefer to keep with these same study habits. Since our 1st term exams are formative, this would be a great way to "experiment" with different resources and study strategies! Although for now, I'm just sticking to what's been given (lecture videos + slides). My orientation leaders said they didn't purchase or read anything extra besides what was given, other than reading UpToDate perhaps.
  12. I'm not sure if it counts as awards. You can always e-mail the Admissions team and ask! If it doesn't count, an option is you can include your club involvement in your activities section, and just put down that your club got a grant (and specify your contributions to the club getting the grant).
  13. For AP English, you need to take the AP English exam! And score a 4 or 5 on it. It will automatically cover all 6 credits of English you need, but you need to send your transcript from the AP website to the UBC admissions office. For Athabasca courses, it might count as your undergrad GPA for admissions purposes? Because you'll have to report all grades you receive whether it's at your home institution or not. When I took courses at a school in Quebec, I had to write it down on my med application, but it didn't count towards my official UBC undergrad GPA (UBC's my home institution).
  14. Hi there! I'm pretty busy with school right now so can't review your NAQ, but based on the blog posts I've read by the admissions team, they want you to put more emphasis on the description of the activity (e.g. your responsibilities, skills) and less reflection on how the activity demonstrates qualities that will make you a good doctor. This is the direction I went when writing my NAQ! https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2014/12/15/naq-myths-debunked-part-1/ Also, huge congrats for being close to the OOP cut-off! That's super competitive
  15. Best of luck with your application!! The fact that you were so high on the waitlist is really encouraging
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