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  1. Psstt anyone who's attending the U of C orientation right now - If you could ask about when the backpack reveal is, the rest of Canada's class of 2024 would really appreciate it
  2. Hmm I can't really say much about chances, but I think your ECs are very strong...especially for UBC, because their website says they really value experiences/activities that have a lot of hours towards them, which you clearly do. So congrats on that! Just apply, and hope for the best Even if you don't get an interview this year, it's not like it "takes away" from any of the ECs you have - Those hours and experiences will always be there, for you to carry on to the next cycle. And the upward trend in GPA is awesome! Keep up the great work!!
  3. That's really interesting, my impression from reading the admissions website was that UBC looks at paid and non-paid experiences equally. I think the website also suggests that they want to see diverse experiences, as well as certain qualities that are maybe less available in paid positions (i.e. working with those from different backgrounds).
  4. Yeah and just to add, there's a section on the application where you can specify some factors that may have negatively affected your GPA / extracurriculars!
  5. I did the same thing and it was fine! I did it for one activity I think and I got an e-mail asking me to clarify the dates that I worked for both positions.
  6. I'm not sure... I scrolled through the CMA Instagram page and last year's reveal was done on a Thursday. But I also saw someone on these forums mention the reveal will be July 8 (Wednesday).
  7. Ahh so do you know how the CMA actually chooses the colour then? If it's not based on votes?
  8. I think the 2015 and 2016 ones are switched in the picture?
  9. I really hope it's purple!!! I'd rank them as Purple >>> Bright Blue > Orange > Yellow > Burgundy
  10. LOL I'm sure that's more common than people think
  11. There's also the possibility for students to visit the anatomy labs in-person! Like the lab content will be delivered online but they said it's possible for there to be extra-curricular teaching/support opportunities in-person
  12. YEP I'll be staying home, not moving closer to campus. I was planning to just commute (drive) to school. I got a hand-me-down car to prepare for this Fall lol but looks like I won't be doing much driving at all
  13. Wait how were their summer terms screwed?
  14. WOW y'all should be super proud, especially with the NAQ and interview. That's insane! Sorry to hear about the regrets - The admissions process is just a total mystery sometimes. Perhaps also check to see if your references were able to give you strong recommendations! And best of luck for next year
  15. That's the spirit The rest of your application must have been really competitive!
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