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  1. How was it during friday for friday prayers in Medical school in general and clerkship and now in residency. Do they allow you to go for 15-20 minutes ?
  2. So currently in my 2nd year of undergrad but I have interest for Mcmaster Medical school. This is not a normal question you all see here on the forum this is more of a religious question. I am currently a practicing Muslim and I pray 5 times a day and I know what I am getting my self into and the sacrifices I will have to make which I am totally fine with but the only thing is that during all the rotations do you think I will be able to get like 5-10 mins of free time to go and pray. During the winter is the first prayer is usually at like 5-6 which would be before but would conflict but be done if its a overnight or 24 hour on call the second is 11:30am-2pm, the third is 2pm-4:30pm, and the foruth is 4:30pm-6:00pm and the fifth is from 6pm- 5:30ish am. In the spring,fall and summer time the first is usually at 3-4ish and the second is at like 1:30ish-3 or 4ish , the third is from 4ish-8ish, the fourth is 8-10:30ish and the fifth is from anywhere from 10 pm to the next day. It all depends on the season but that is what it usually looks like. I would definitely appreciate some sort of replies and thing will help Thank You !!!!!!!!
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