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  1. As promised, here's there update: I emailed the school in question and after waiting 5 long days, they replied and said they submitted the wrong thing to CaRMs. I did get the interview! I'm extremely happy, so for those who got updates from the CaRMs website that were not in your favour, there's definitely chance (Though slim) that it's wrong or can be changed. Best of luck to everyone. Keep your heads up and make sure to engage int #SelfCare.
  2. School interviewing at: UBC Specialty: Family Medicine Current interview date: January 24th Date would like to switch to: January 18th Any additional notes: Would really appreciate a trade! Thanks! Resolved
  3. Thanks! I appreciate your support! I'll update everyone once it is resolved.
  4. I just had the exact opposite happen where I got an email saying I did get an interview, but the CaRMs website says I did not... It seems as though the new system has some communication bugs that need to be worked out. My plan now is to wait a few days to a week and see what happens.
  5. Thanks! Yea, I suppose it's still too early to tell. I appreciate the input!
  6. Thanks! Should I be concerned that my school email is not forwarding correctly if I haven't received any emails (Offers or rejections), but the interview invitations have been sent, according to the other thread?
  7. Thanks for the prompt response! Do you happen to know if the school's are still emailing people?
  8. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how they're doing interview offers/rejections this year with the new 'interview status' section on the official CaRMs website. Have people been getting emails still?
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