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  1. Hello everyone! I applied to UWO dentistry for this cycle and thankfully got an interview invitation. I did my interview on April 4th and I am currently waiting for the final results. My top two years average is around 93% and my DAT score is 21 AA, 20 RC, and 19 PAT. My ECs are above average. I recently took the 2020 Feb DAT and was able to significantly improve my scores. I got 23 AA, 21 RC, and 24 PAT. I already sent my new score to Western but wanted to know if you guys think whether they can replace my previous DAT score with this new one? This would be very beneficial to me as I think the interview was not that great for me and I could not make it too personal due to the time restriction for some questions and the virtual format of interview. Should I send them an email? Thanks in advance!
  2. Makes sense. Thank you! I've studied for MCAT before and was teaching it this past summer so I was already prepared for the science and reading comprehension sections. I only prepared for PAT and used CrackDAT to study for that. I might study properly this time and re-take the test in case I could not get in this time.
  3. Hello everyone! For the longest time I was planning to apply to medical schools and study medicine. However, for several reasons I chose to apply for UofT and Western dental schools. This was very last minute so I had around 2 weeks to study for November 2019 DAT. I just received my scores and I got 21 AA, 20 RC, and 19 PAT. My cGPA is 3.9 and the average of my two highest years (for western) is 94. I graduated in June and I am currently working as a research assistant. I have lots of volunteering and extra-curricular activities. I have also published a paper in a high impact journal. I am very new to the dentistry world and was wondering what do you guys think about my chance of getting an interview from UofT or Western? I really appreciate your help!
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