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  1. You are correct, I had to write a personal statement and include extracurriculars as well as two references. I don't know what the application look liked before, but I have a feeling that they are making changes to thier approach to addmission this year. Becuase they took out all the statistics from past years that they had on the website. I phoned them to find out why and she said they are not relevant anymore. She didn't elaborate on how they are not relevant but I am guessing they are making changes which is also being reflected on thier application. Hopfully we both will recieve an interview, best of luck. Thanks for the words of encouragement since I don't have any idea where I sit in the pool of applicants.
  2. Hey Guys I applied to UBC, here are my stats: GPA: 4.2/4.33 (92%, using best three years) DAT: 20AA/19PAT Do you guys think I have a shot at getting an interview.
  3. I actually phoned them today and they said there is no minimum per section, just for those of you who were also wondering.
  4. Do you guys know if UBC Dentistry have cut offs for specific sections of DAT like PAT or RC?
  5. Hello Everyone I applied to UBC Dentistry this cycle (2019/2020) and I was wondering what are my chances. My GPA is 4.2/4.33 with the worst year dropped (I don't know how UBC Dental converts to percentege, but using UBC Med it is 92%). But my DAT score is not high 20AA/19PAT. I was wondering what are my chances given I have good references/extracurricular. And I am also in province. Summary: IP GPA 4.2/4.33 (GPA>90%) DAT: 20AA/19PAT Appreciate your guys input.
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