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  1. Do we labs for the upcoming fall year 1 fall semester or is everything going to be online? Trying to figure out if i should find a place in Saskatoon
  2. Is RBC still offering Infinite Grace Period? I look through their website and it says "RBC gives you 2 years after you finish school before you have to start repaying your loan with full access to your credit line during the grace period."
  3. Hi Guys, police criminal record checks with VSC are online now. I was getting my application started and was wondering if we have to have to choose the "Unpaid Student Placement" option. Any information will be appreciated!
  4. Hi is this on their website somewhere ? I can't seem to find this "forever LOC" option
  5. 18AA/19RC/19PAT do i have a chance? My Gpa of my best 2 years is above 90. Im applying to both u of m and sask. Is this good enough for those schools?
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