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  1. Thank you so much!! Do you know if the early admission emails included OOP applicants or if it was only for IP??
  2. Hey guys! Does anyone know when we should be expecting UofA to release their results? I know they mentioned mid-May during the interviews, however I am not sure if that has changed due to the COVID situation. Any input would be greatly appreciated Anyways, wanted to create this post for when results do come out! Good luck everyone!! Result: IP/OOP: GPA: DAT: Interview:
  3. For the course evaluation sheet, do you need to have met the requirements for all courses in order to be accepted into the 4 year GED program?
  4. did they email you once you submitted all your documents saying that they have received everything? I am getting a little bit worried because I heard back from them beginning of January when one of my references were sent but not the other... so now I'm overthinking that my 2nd reference didn't email the correct email or something
  5. Hey guys, does anyone know if there are any 4 year UCC spots still available? I'm honestly just finishing up my application now so I feel like I might be out of luck :/
  6. Hey guys! Im an OOP applicant and I received an interview. However I'm not too sure how to calculate my exact GPA.. The university I graduated from in Ontario uses letter grades (A+, A, B+, B, etc..) If I want to convert my GPA to a 4.0 scale would I use the OMSAS conversion or the UofA scale where both an A+ and A=4.0?? Thanks in advance
  7. Heyy there! Im from toronto are you prepping for the DDS or MD MMI?
  8. hey guys, I'm not sure if you're allowed to answer this... but are the MMI questions for UofA more situational or more personal based?
  9. When are interview invites usually sent out??
  10. Rejected .. sooo.... when are UWO interview invites coming out?? ahaha Goodluck to those invited!!!
  11. Woahhh amazing score, congrats!! May I ask how long you studied for and what resources you used??
  12. First time writing the DAT and was honestly expecting worse (didn’t finish 9 PAT questions, and felt iffy for bio). However I’m still super unsure about how to feel about my chances. Bio 21 Chem 21 PAT 21 RC 21 MDT 23 GPA for UofT 3.83 GPA for Western 85%
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