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  1. i just got the 8 digits UBC ID too. you know your life is mundane (for the moment) when you're excited about getting an ID #
  2. i believe it's supposed to show up on the 'application status' tab, but i haven't received a number yet (i didnt go to UBC for undergrad). i do however have a student # when i log into SSC (idk if it means anything though). i'm still going to hold out until i see the student # on the OAS before starting the relevant orientation checklist things
  3. i got the same uvic email (I'm in IMP too, like CrisprRaps). it was sent by the IMP First Year coordinator person. maybe the other sites are on a slightly different timeline?
  4. i sent mine electronically (my school cant sent physical copies bc of covid), and my OAS said 'received' within 2 days. If your school mailed a hardcopy transcript by Canada Post, that may be the reason. (I am judging Canada Post's delaying by the fact that have some mail that i've been waiting for over 3 weeks from them)
  5. I have the same thing! My letter says vancouver but I'm IMP. I think its just saying vancouver so as to differentiate it from UBCO
  6. just checked my SSC (using the CWL i got from when i applied to UBC for undergrad way back when, but didnt attend), and i was able to access the enrollment letter and blocked registration page
  7. do you have any updates on your OAS portal (re: it stating a CWL or student number)?
  8. i haven't been able to access it yet. I didn't do my undergrad at UBC, and hence don't have a CWL, so i have just been checking the OAS portal and my email, but i havent received or found anything yet
  9. I'm not sure about backpack day (perhaps a socially distant version?). as for our educational licenses, all that been expected of us as of right now is that we have submitted an email (via the OAS) for CPSBC to contact us in june/july about license applications. I hope this helps! I remember putting my email in for the CPSBC, i believe it was in the offer acceptance online form thing, but i'm not 100% sure
  10. do you have CWL already because you did undergrad at UBC? I just found my old CWL from when I applied to UBC for undergrad in 2016, but this CWL didn't work (unsurprising lol)
  11. From my understanding, our confirmation is just the 'offer accepted' notice on the bottom of the application status page. Student number should come out early June (via OAS and email notification). Lastly, registration isn't until July (as outlined in the Welcome Letter).
  12. i remember this suit from interview weekend and praising you (in my head, i wish i had the opportunity to say it right to you)!!
  13. Result: Accepted IMP (first choice, since Victoria is my hometown) Geography: IP and I filled out the rural application. I've moved many times prior to undergrad (in Quebec), but I'd always lived in/around the Saanich Peninsula Degree: Bachelor of Arts & Science in (ad hoc major) Global Health & Public Health. I was due to finish my fourth year and graduate May 2021. Early or Regular Deadline: Regular. (i was applying as the 3rd year undergrad 90-credits of post-sec) Timestamp: 1:27pm (Montreal, so EDT) GPA: ~89 or 90% (estimated this myself, using the 'school that doesn't give A+' conversion scale) EC's - PM me if you're interested. Overall, I wouldn't say my EC's give a coherent narrative or 'mission', but rather they speak to a collection of diverse experiences and passions MCAT: 517 (129CP 126CARS 132BB 130PS) Interview: no score (accepted my first cycle) Internally, it felt like a roller coaster. as soon as the interview started, i knew i was abandoning the structure & style of response i had been doing in my practice, so i felt like i was giving messy responses (but perhaps also more personable and less spoken essay-like). For one acting station, the prompt was so long that i got mixed up with the 'characters' and had to re-read and re-start the scenario once i was in the room. most of the stations felt mediocre, like i knew that i gave a response that was true my values, education (public health, ethics etc), but the interviewers were far more stoic than i was expecting, so it was hard to gauge how well i was actually doing. the writing station went well, i ended somewhat regurgitating an old essay i had written years ago (i.e. i used its narrative). My last 2 stations felt so good (i could see the end of the tunnel haha), and i think i ended it on a strong note. My last interviewer commented "that was response was unlike any other i'd heard today" and then told me i deserve a bottle of wine hahah. That said, right after the site presentations + pizza, i began doubting myself. I distinctly remember sitting in a cafe the next day, trying to study but on the verge of tears because there were so many other ideas and things i realized i could have added to my responses. so, i spent the majority of the post-interview wait expecting a rejection. overall reflection: I was planning on this year being my 'practice year' considering I was only in third year, so I was happy to even get an interview. Nevertheless, I gave it my all in interview prep (I'm going to estimate 6hr prep per week from Dec to early Feb), so i would better understand how to prep (whether that was more prep, prep differently, etc) for next year. I am absolutely ecstatic to be attending med school in my hometown, with my family (and beloved BC nature!) so close. Throughout the whole process this year, i was filled with doubt about how i'd compare to other more experienced, more qualified applicants. As cheesy as it sounds, i think that being humble and being myself (bubbly, LOTS of hand gestures) in the interview really helped. My friends always joke about my 'moral mission' (I rant a lot about equity, justice, ethics etc in health & social services), but i think (and hope) that these values shone through. (sorry for the super long post, this turned into a reflective journaling session for me ahah)
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