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  1. Damn this guy could charge for offer predictions
  2. Frankly speaking, your chances in Canada are negligible at this point. It will be a very very steep and uphill battle from here on out. Short of doing basically 2 additional undergrads with 100% average each, your average will remain noncompetitive. The only feasible way to do medicine is to start fresh in another country and do an undergrad there, without reporting your UBC grades. This is quite dubious. You also need to consider how you will be able to get through medical school/residency given your condition. The stress only continues to build, and if it severely impacts your academic ability, you probably won't make it through medical training anyways. I think you should start considering other plans. Perhaps there are other careers in healthcare that you may be interested in?
  3. I would say a safe strategy is to summarize the issue, acknowledge the different parties/perspectives, state your decision, and justify. This will not apply to all questions so use your own discretion.
  4. I'm of the opinion that you should adopt a standard timeframe so you can answer all 3 questions to a similar standard of quality, and use left over time to add on where needed. For instance, commit to 1.5 min for each question and then use the last 30 seconds to add to the most substantial question.
  5. Yeah the bottleneck here is still your GPA. While there are some individuals who manage to get in with those numbers, they are usually supplemented with graduate degrees, top notch ECs, stellar MCAT/CARS/Casper, and ultimately a knockout interview performance. Canadian med schools are quite a bit out of reach at the moment, so I would definitely consider either graduate schools or American med schools as alternatives at the moment.
  6. Which schools did you apply to? Having glanced at your stats, your overall GPA will definitely preclude you from several schools on its own. I think it might be helpful if you share your wGPA for some of the schools you applied to. ECs look fine IMO. MCAT is dependent on school, but your score doesn't automatically warrant a rejection. Did you take Casper? It is very significant for schools like Ottawa and McMaster.
  7. My impressions feel like going down a rollercoaster. I ended the interview on a high because it was done, and I felt like it went sorta okay. But as I continue thinking about it, I start feeling worse and worse about everything. We just need to let go!!!
  8. Timestamp: 6:14AM PST Invite/Reject: Wait list GPA: 3.94 CARS: 127 Casper: must not be too bad if I got wait listed with 127 cars as OOP!
  9. Is there a designated FB group for MMI practice sessions yet?
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