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  1. Hello Everyone, I;m just trying to see what my chances for this upcoming cycle are, and if anybody has any ideas on what would strengthen my application it would be greatly appreciated. I applied last cycle to UBC, UofC, and Queens. I am in province for UBC and UofC (lived 23 years in AB, moved to BC 1.5 years ago). I did not receive any interviews, and my UBC score was 48 (~4 points from IP cut-off), but since the cut-off was June 1 for activities I have started a few of the more significant below activities after that date. Looking back, I don't think it was smart to apply to any Ontario schools; I don't think I will this year. Likely just UBC and UofC. Year in school: Graduated December 2018 with BSc in Biology. (did 3.5 years of school in the USA and graduated from that school. 1 year at a Canadian school.) Cumulative GPA: 3.71 (had one year that GPA was ~3.0, 3rd year of school) OMSAS: 3.71, I do not believe I qualify for most of the adjusted GPA's because of course load difference in USA vs. Canada. UBC: oGPA: 83.07 %, aGPA: 84.77% Calgary: 3.84. Science GPA: 3.63 (I know it doesn't matter for Canada, also posted on **DELETED** so copied template). MCAT Scores: 513 (129/127/129/128) - considering retaking if this cycle doesn't work out. Research – include any abstracts/posters/publications and how you were credited (eg. First author, senior author, etc): undergraduate thesis project - currently in review for publication in small journal. First author, only other author is research advisor. Oral and poster presentation at my institution. Poster was displayed at small regional conference, I could not attend because had moved back to Canada. Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites: ~150 hours as Emergency Department Triage Volunteer (ongoing). 2 hours per week. 10 months. 25 hours as volunteer in long-term care physiotherapy department. All over 3 weeks. Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties: 15 hours in primary care/emergency in AB a few years ago, didn't include it on any applications last year. Non-clinical volunteering: ~60 hours as dementia helpline volunteer (ongoing). 3 hours per week. 25 hours in homeless shelter. Only a few longer shifts. 150 hours as concession stand volunteer through sports program. 6 hours per week in off-season. 60 hours as head baseball coach. 2 months. Will hopefully be starting as a crisis text line volunteer in the next few months, they have a long intake period. Extracurricular activities: Varsity athlete for four years, multiple awards with academics and athletics. Maybe 35-40 hours per week, hard to estimate. High-level athletics during a few summers. Can't estimate hours, from 10:00 am to 10 pm every day, played across all pacific northwest USA. Biology club. Did not attend much due to athletics, but 1 hour per week. Member of club advocating for students with disabilities for one year, organized campus-wide event. 4 hours per week. Employment history: Currently working as a clinical assistant in a specialists office for 10 months. Duties include: 50% MOA work. Other half includes being a study coordinator for clinical research, developing a group lifestyle program for patients - growing it from 10->40 people, performing electrocardiograms & vitals, taking patient histories, doing quality assurance stats on in house databases. 40 hours per week. Starting as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a large-ish cardiology office in May. Will be full-time, replacing clinical assistant job. Will also be continuing casual work with physician from clinical assistant job working on various research projects they would like me to. 10 months of being a Community Support worker in residential home of people with disabilities. Average 8 hours per week. Was ongoing until April 2020. 5 months of tutoring ESL students. Average 2 hours per week. Was ongoing until April 2020. 4 months of working as a Resident Support Aide in long-term care facility. 40 hours per week. Landscaping for one summer (4 months). 40 hours per week. 8 months of coaching youth baseball camps during school. 3 hours per week. 2 months during one summer of developing a summer camp for kids with disabilities when the company did not previously have a program. 40 hours per week. One summer of working as a client development staff at day program for adults with disabilities. 40 hours per week. Interest in rural health: Not in particular, but come from a rural town in AB. I also have gone through my fair share of adversity with family issues. Don't want to include that on here though. I know LOR don't matter as much in Canada, but I will have 2 MD letters, 2 prof letters, and 2 baseball coach letters. All very strong with deep relationships. My ideal situation is doing the Island Medical Program through UBC. Do I have a realistic chance? In my mind I am very borderline competitive so it can go either way. If this cycle doesn't work out, I have explored doing a MPH first and trying again, or just going with my back-up options of a second degree in nursing, comp sci, or engineering. I would also appreciate honest opinions, as I have now been out of school for long enough that I am realizing it might be about time to start to pursue an actual career instead of chasing my dream for so long. The student debt is getting to be difficult to manage while working low level jobs to strengthen my app. Thank you everyone for your help, and I appreciate the effort and time of reading this long rambling post.
  2. Hello Everyone, I’ve got a question that I’ve really been struggling with and I’m really not sure of the answer. Just for reference, I got rejected from UBC this year with a score of 48 and NAQ of 50-74.99 percentile, so I’m really trying to do activities that will allow my NAQ to push my score over the threshold for next year. I’m currently working as an MOA at a specialists office, but I have just been offered a new job as an ophthalmic technician. The technician position is definitely more hands-on with patients, but I have been working as an MOA for the last 6 months, and it still is somewhat hands on doing EKG’s, vitals etc. Honestly, I’m pretty much solely working these positions to help my application, so with that in mind, which position do you all think would help my application the most? The reason I’m struggling as bad as I am is I believe the weakest point of my NAQ’s is that I don’t have any long-term volunteer/employment activities, since I moved around a lot, and staying at the MOA position would give me a longer term employment. I have been volunteering at the same places for the past 9 months and will continue to do so, so I will at least have long-term volunteering on my app next year.
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