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  1. Thank you so so much for this appreciate!!!
  2. Oh Ya the re-entry program sounds pretty rigorous + ROS.. and i wonder what the rate of succes is for those programs
  3. Is it realistically possible to have an exclusive mental health practice as a GP? Do you if there is the GP psychotherapy training that allows u to bill for psychotherapy? Thank you so much
  4. Does another candidate must leave the program? is there be any chance that either theres extra funding or that they did rank you decent and you take a spot for the following year ? the transfer would be in PGY 2 anyway ?
  5. Does anyone remember what the deadline is? Was it yesterday or today to add additional sites? I cant find that info in any email or their carms website thanks so much!
  6. gonna bump it up if anyone has any input for this
  7. I was Thinking flats , but I will arrive in my winter boots then change.
  8. School interviewing at: Queen's Specialty: Family Medicine Current interview date: January 27th PM Date would like to switch to: January 28th Any additional notes: Interview conflict - please PM me
  9. School interviewing at: UBC Specialty: Family Current interview date: January 24 Date would like to switch to: Jan 18, Jan 25 or feb 1 Any additional notes: cant make it on 24th
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