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  1. For those of us who didn't receive the news we wanted yesterday-- I'm sorry. I know its crushing and it's probably a big hit to your confidence (I feel that too), but if you got an interview you're a stellar person. The feeling is going to suck for a while and is probably confusing, with many questions unanswered like "did I do something wrong during the interview?" or "what if it's my grades/MCAT?". Self-reflection is important and can help with future applications (if you choose to reapply, if not, that's okay too), but there is also inherent randomness and luck in the process as well. Keep doing what you're doing, stay passionate about those things; that is what got you an interview. As they say at the interview, sometimes the rejection is not a "no", but rather "not right now". Be proud that you made it so far. This cycle has been a wild ride. There's a lot going on in the world, not even accounting for med school applications. We happen to be in a situation now where we are more isolated, maybe with less support than usual and higher stress/uncertainty. If anyone would like additional support or someone to vent with who gets it, feel free to send me a message. This too will pass.
  2. Rejection. I'm at a loss for what more I could possibly do to even get a waitlist. Hoping that it's good news for the rest of you.
  3. I wouldn't convert it. It raises more suspicion, which you definitely don't want. For all they know if could be a C. For what it's worth, I have one B on my transcript and I get multiple interviews every year. A director of admissions said that they expect one or two courses of an applicant to have an 'okay' grade. B+ is totally fine. There's a lot more to a med application than one average grade anyway.
  4. What meme best describes you today? Me right now:
  5. Definitely don't quote me on this but I vaguely remember something about if you fail two stations, you're pretty much out. They do score each station.
  6. Idk if this helps, but every year I've interviewed at UofA (twice), I've only received a P/F for the interview (no numerical score). Didn't apply there this cycle, though.
  7. I agree with the others, your stats seem competitive. But it all comes down to how well you write your Top 10.
  8. Are file reviewers able to see an applicant's age? Or do they have to infer it indirectly? I know that there is some aspect of "what does this applicant do with their time?" or sense of productiveness/achievement per year (lots of applications ask for the amount of hours per activity). Perhaps the better metric is based on the productivity per year and comparing applicants that way? As one would expect, more 'mature' applicant have more experience, but they've also had more time to accumulate that experience. However, someone like myself who started working at age 12 has had many years of 'experience' but not all years since I've begun working can be viewed equally (if adcoms are inferring my age). Alternatively, if one starts their post-secondary education at a later age than most, those years are likely different because the applicant had accumulated experience before entering university that may advantage them in activities outside of university-time. What I'm saying is that it might be better to compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges. Apologies for the long-winded response, but I think age is a nebulous metric.
  9. Ahh I'm grateful for the latest blog post--to know that I may still stand a chance, even if my verifiers haven't been contacted. I hope that they contact me in the case that some of the verifiers aren't able to be reached (COVID and all). No matter the outcome, I wish us all the best next week! In the meantime, what is everyone doing to pass the time? I've taken up jigsawing (as the Brits say), written a few new songs, and have accumulated 23 house plants. I even got myself a Bob Ross puzzle with many "happy little trees". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5nMXlA-_rM
  10. If you (or others) don't mind sharing, how many of your verifiers did they contact? Top 10 and/or employment? I'm wondering because some of my verifiers probably wouldn't think to let me know if they have been contacted, though others would.
  11. Very interesting. Thanks for your response!
  12. Regrets. It could just be that I was part of the group that didn't get contacted. As we know, correlation doesn't mean causation, but it is something I've seen a pattern in. I do find it particularly odd that someone getting an offer might not have any verifiers checked. Perhaps they do all offer recipients and wait-lists, plus randoms from the regrets pool? That seems reasonable. We do know that they don't contact verifiers for everyone. What would answer this simply is if there was someone who received an offer who didn't have any verifiers contacted.
  13. I haven't heard anything yet. I didn't have any verifiers contacted in the other cycles I've applied to (and didn't get in), but they say it's random? I hope it is.
  14. Things in the Calgary area aren't yet stable despite distancing measures and high levels of testing/tracing/isolating. Given the current situation and the restrictions on group gatherings, I'm suspecting all classes will be done online. Exposing an entire med class to the virus would be bad for everyone, especially given the class's connections with the healthcare system. From my understanding, the UofC records most of their lectures (all?), so they may have past recordings or do new ones. However, I don't know much about the types of 'hands on' teaching that takes place in the first year. Who knows though-- I've been wrong before!
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