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  1. Hello Longtime lurker first time poster; R1 anesthesia applicant here I wrote Casper this year for the R1 match and completely bombed several of the questions and ended up leaving a few questions blank. I decided my score was likely so bad it wouldn't be worth it to even bother applying to the one gas program requiring Casper (which I wasn't interested in going to for geographic reasons). Furthermore, I did not click the "I give consent" box for Casper to send out my score to programs. While the results were uploaded into my Carms profile, I didn't send it to any school, since none of my programs required it. Since then, I have not gotten interviews at a few schools where I did electives and was told I was a very competitive applicant. Is there any way programs/schools not requiring Casper would have maybe seen my score and used that (even informally) to influence their decisions? Thanks for any perspective :S
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