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  1. I wanted to thank everyone who took the time out to reply to my post! I appreciate more than I can put into words. ( @kingassault @24KaratPureAu @UbcSci @HugeEuge ) The best answer I could come up with was a potential red-flag, one of my references not pulling through as much as I wanted them too OR I was barely hanging on to the cut-off. Whatever it may be, I will be applying across Canada this time around. I'm looking forward to the application process again and looking forward to spending a year doing everything I couldn't do during undergrad! Thank you again for the well wishes
  2. Similar situation here, rejected post-interview: Interview: Above Average MCAT: 520 ECs: 75-100 %tile GPA: 86 (not the greatest conversion from my school) And I'm an IP student. Anyway, any suggestions or insight would be great! I have no idea what I can fix tbh and I've been scouring the internet for a potential solution.
  3. Hi there! I'm in the same boat as you and also looking for others in the Surrey/Cloverdale/Langley area to practice with.
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