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  1. Hi everyone, I'll try to keep it short. My first and second year were train wrecks, and I took two part time years to work full time and rethink my long-term plans after. I was wondering if I will be eligible to apply once I graduate, or if the classes i failed/withdrew from will disqualify me. I am/will be nearly 30, IP applicant. Year 1 - 1.75 GPA, failed 4 classes Year 2 - Semester 1 - 2 Withdraws, 1 failed class. Semester 2 - 3 passes, 3.6 GPA. Year 3 - 3.8 GPA, 6 total courses Year 4 - 3.75 GPA, 6 total courses. I was planning on taking a full course load (5 a semester, 10 a year) in my 5th & 6th years, and was banking on getting a 3.7+ GPA and being able to use the WGPA formula when I apply. Am I wrong in thinking I can do this, or is this too long of a time to complete my degree? I I don't want to sink time into preparing for the MCAT if I won't even be able to apply. I would rather finish my degree and come up with a new plan. On the dal med site it says Since the 5th/6th year will be my two most consecutive senior years, each having 30 Credit hours, can I use these grades to apply with? It is also says, however, If I nail my next/last two years, do I have a shot? or will my 1st/2nd years' grades disqualify me? Also, I really only have paid employment and a little volunteering as EC's. currently about ~500 hours volunteering in something I was really passionate about (projected 750 or so), and ~7000 with one company doing the same job, with some added responsibility over the years (projected 10,000+). Should I try to add something else over the next couple years, or just accumulate more hours?
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