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  1. This is the link to the Sticky: http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48582
  2. The Olympics is about the pursuit of excellence of exceptionally talented individuals, not about the gold medals received by each country. What is your favourite sport in which you participate?
  3. Cegepiens working hard for McGill application.
  4. Yes, your financial situation is not relevant and definitely not a reason to defer applying. When I applied, I had student loans, no assets, and as a med student, I receive financial support from my province and with my bank LOC. I now have a car, more debt, better vacations and have not worked in summer since being a med student, as not only do I need the R & R, but earning money in summer would reduce what the province gives me.
  5. Generally speaking, for most med schools, you want what is normally considered a full course load during the regular academic year so as to maximize your chances.
  6. SUPERSTITIONS Some undergrads prefer especially radical situations Tim; I text information ordinarily, never Sundays.
  7. NEUROPSYCHOLOGISTS Norman educated undergrads recently, Ormand prefers sexy young chicks, Henry obeys ladies or girls, Ian seems tense sometimes.
  8. Remember Cegepiens, this program is a viable approach for those of you who do not get into med school directly from cegep.
  9. You want to demonstrate your CanMEDS competencies. See http:// http://www.royalcollege.ca/portal/page/portal/rc/canmeds/framework http://www.royalcollege.ca/portal/page/portal/rc/common/documents/canmeds/framework/the_7_canmeds_roles_e.pdf Here are two of my old posts that may be pertinent:
  10. R & R from an exhausting week. Are you stressed out?
  11. Part time studies don't cut it no matter how well you do. If you are unable to be competitive with a full course load during the normal academic year, you won't be able to handle med school where it is much harder.
  12. Congratulations! Becoming a PA is not necessarily a stepping stone to medical school as you will still need the competitive GPA and MCAT (McGill, NOSM & U/O aside), notwithstanding the medical experience you will have gained. And, if you need to do a second undergrad, you will need to do it full time during the normal academic year. Others are having this very dilemma as I write.
  13. My above thread that existed for a long time, for years, has suddenly, mysteriously been deleted. What's up mods?
  14. Feeling parental pressure is no excuse for his illegal relentless pursuit that thankfully failed.
  15. A newbie mod to clean up the thread, arbitrarily linked unrelated posts making each original post a farce. Hey, he has the real power. I am only the thread creator who knows the intent of thread. Rather than leave the mess created, I deleted the horrible linked posts, thereby cleaning the mess he created. What he did made no sense. We could have had PM exchange, but mods have power to impose their will whether justified or not. I hope he will use his discretion more thoughtfully in the future. We are all works in progress.
  16. He will never be a physician and this is a good thing.
  17. I don't think they give a boost, but this is my uninformed opinion. The purpose of volunteering is to show altruism, help others, to learn and grow internally. Why not explore opportunities available here such as soup kitchens, Big Brother, Big Sister, a rercrerational therapy program for patients at a hospital, or just helping an elderly neighbour who perhaps has some disabilities, etc.
  18. What about doing a second undergrad? Then, there is MCAT.
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