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  1. I am not sure the competitiveness is a factor in salary. They are paid well. No one is diminishing their work. They provide an important service. So do lots of other specialities that are paid less and have to do call without benefit of real time radiology. Getting 1 million with 12 weeks off a year and no call beyond 9pm is a great deal
  2. Yeah it’s all minor although the Rads are fighting this hard like David Jacobs. After all huge difference between 1.2 and 1.1 mill a year
  3. They are salaries. Look up ER docs at Brampton and Etobickoe and Mackenzie and Trillium. They still get all FFS with no overhead and are allowed to work as much as they want
  4. It’s hard to stomach working more and being paid less for sure.
  5. If you get good undergrad marks and ace the MCAT you will be fine. It’s no different than anyone else who is in high school. You are 26 - you could be in med school in your early 30s. Its certainly possible if you do well
  6. Leaving Fam docs aside a lot of sub specialties would ideally be academic if they could mainly because of the city factor - if you want to work in the 6ix or Ottawa you have way more academic options. if you want to Barrie then clearly you aren’t going to be an academic. but how many people want to work and live in big cities?
  7. I think it depends. in the community you will be a clinician. in the academic world you can be that and more (ie - teacher. Researcher, terminal expert, presenter, etc).
  8. I mean in the sense that most academic jobs are uber competitive to land and require usually a masters etc to get. I assume that means despite the negatives a lot of people want one
  9. Academics has a lot of positives. -residents and fellows to help do your work -prestige and respect -easy to stay up to date -potential for research -viewed as a true leader in your field. rhe downsides are -less money. Not able to kill yourself and work if you want or at a super fast pace because of trainees -more complex patients slow you down -less vacation time in general -even during free time you have stuff to do It’s a trade off. Most people want academics because the positives outweighs the negatives.
  10. I wouldn’t worry about your EC. what is your gpa? That might be a bit too low to most Canadian schools but with weighting etc what does it come out
  11. I mean large community hospitals to be more acurrate. places like Brampton, Mississauga, Waterloo, Scarborough etc. They are all in and around that mark in general. Just check the Toronto star
  12. Residents have funding they get form whatever program they match to. (Government funding) anesthesia needs 5 Years. If you transfer from a 5 yr program rhe school doesn’t need to find extra funding so it’s easier for them. If you don’t have the funding they need to find the extra money. Just makes it harder. But not impossible
  13. Actsully all your posts seem to be dental focused before this. So if you are a pretty dental student why are you trolling in a medical residency forum?
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