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  1. How did everyone find the Kira Talent Mac PT interview? I felt okay about it but my written question was pretty weird so I didn't get much down for that.
  2. Anyone know how long we have to answer questions for the PT Mcmaster Kira Talent interview?
  3. My GPA was lower than I expected compared to my GPA at my undergraduate institution because the scale they use is different which is too bad. Did this happen to anyone else?
  4. Feeling very nervous for my statement of interest because I don't have anyone to check over it/edit it or give me advice, does anyone have any tips to writing a great SOI?
  5. Applied: McMaster, Western, U of T, Queens (all pt) Accepted: interview at Mac and U of T Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: cgpa- 3.98 sgpa-3.99 (from my school) ORPAS sGPA 3.94 cGPA 3.95 Percieved strength of essays/interviews/references: I’m nervous about my essays but think they will end up not being too bad. I have one great reference from the adapted physical activity community who supervised me working over 150 hours with individuals with special needs. My other reference is my honours supervisor but my research has nothing to do with physio. I feel I have a strong GPA but less experience than most because I didn’t decide on physio till my 4th year, do I still have a shot?
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