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  1. What are top presentations to know? resources?
  2. It was just a UME end of rotation MCQ exam but our school shows us how we scored in each of sections of exam.
  3. I completed a core rotation and I got a comment on my MSPR on my second day on this rotation that my pharmacology knowledge is very low. Now, I passed the entire rotation and even did quite well in pharmacology section of this core rotation. However, this comment will remain on My MSPR and I was wondering how bad will this impact my Carms application? I also have other people saying that I have good knowledge base on my MSPR, but both good and bad comments will appear.
  4. Not necessarily! I know a class president who matched to their third choice and they were gunning for low to mid competitive specialty!
  5. My friend told me that MSPR largely does not matter because it’s so variable among schools unless you have red flags.. what are red flags?
  6. Hi everyone: I am U of C student and I started clerckship in Jan. Recently, I finished an elective in the specialty that I am interested in at my home school and my preceptors thought that I was hard working, motivated, diligent, and showed a lot of improvement over the two weeks.... but they did not think i was good at what I was doing. They gave me satisfactory overall. I feel that I struggle in clerkship because I don’t know how to do histories that are relevant and it takes me a while to learn how to do things. I also agree with my preceptors, I think I am hard working but I am not naturally smart. I was wondering if there is hope for me to match to competitive specialty with these comments or should I just try for something else. It was my first elective in this specialty! I think my strength is patient interaction and pts always like me but I struggle with some of my clinical skills.
  7. I am interested in one of the ROAD specialties, and through my preclerckship years I have done quite a lot of research in this specialty and know some of the faculty quite well and I am well liked by the residents. Recently, i started an elective at my home school in this specialty. It’s my first elective in that specialty and I still have not developed many of the procedural skills. I have been getting positive feedback from faculty I work with; and I am doing a case report with one of my main preceptors. However, I am concerned because it’s my first elective in the field and I have not practiced many of the procedures. When I tried one of procedures today, the resident gave me feedback to improve for next time because it was not perfect, but not bad either! She told me things that I can do to improve in the future because I will be doing that procedure commonly in this specialty! I will be doing 3 more electives in the field but was wondering if doing my elective at my home school first is a disadvantage? How would I know if i am doing well on an elective?
  8. What if I am in the class above her? The chance in friends issue probs won’t be there
  9. Pros/ cons? If you like a girl but u both go to the same school, would you go for it?
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