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  1. U of C emphasizes experiences so your Top 10 is critical. Queens has a cut-off system for GPA and MCAT scores, and you need to meet those cut-offs (they vary from year to year) for them to even review your Autobiographical Sketch and consider an interview invite. But if you get an invite, they ignore academics altogether and base the final admission decision on interview + references + ABS. McMaster is different - they use a mathematical formula of 33% CARS, Casper and GPA to determine the interview list, with only 10% of interview invites sent to non-Ontario residents. Good luck! U of C and Queens could really play to your strengths.
  2. I definitely think you should apply. Don't let the budget cuts and guaranteed interviews scare you off at all because as Dr. Remo mentioned on the blog, there will only be a handful of people taking advantage of the guaranteed interview next year. Many of them will either get into a school (Calgary or elsewhere), or they would have gotten an interview by reapplying anyway. What's even better is that if someone does take up their guaranteed interview spot despite lower file review scores, they would need to preform substantially better on the interview to actually get in. Everyone else who got an interview in the traditional way has an edge up due to higher pre-MMI scores (which is half of the final score). Your experiences seem great, good luck
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