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  1. I am planning to get provincial/federal student loans for sure. I hadn't considered getting a back-up line of credit, but this thread has made me think I should look into it just in case. Is anyone planning to work while in school? I worked all through my undergrad which really decreased my dependence on loans. I would love it if I could get by without working, but the idea of no income for 2 full years is terrifying and I also want to minimize my debt as much as possible. Covid has definitely thrown a wrench into my plans though and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. What are you guys thoughts on working while in grad school? Also, anybody know much about scholarships? Most of the ones I've seen have been for PT students entering their second year.
  2. First off, I want to say that all your fears and concerns are completely valid. I too, share many of them. I have always been a pen-and-paper note taker and I hated the online classes we had to do for the last part of the semester. I was also looking forward to becoming part of the PT student community with all the other new students. The lack of predictability and especially the lack any kind of control makes our situation particularly hard. However, without sounding too pollyanna-ish I think it is important that we all take some time to consider that there are numerous ways that this could all play out, and they're not all bad. You've both brought up some possible scenarios that you are worried about and I wanted to point out they are just that: possible scenarios. We are all prone to emphasizing the negative and it can be very easy to catastrophize when things are unpredictable and there are major factors at stake (our professional futures!). This is why I think it is important to sometimes force ourselves to consider other scenarios. For example... 1. It is possible that classes will only be online for the fall semester and go back to in-person in the winter. It is also possible that they may even be able to do a blended delivery where classes are online but some of our lab components will be in-person with some added safety protocols. Maybe the school will have provided the profs and students with better resources in order to handle online classes better so the experience won't be so bad as we imagine etc. etc. 2. The social aspect will certainly look different, but that doesn't mean it is ruined forever. Maybe if we get to back to in-person learning in the winter, we'll already have developed a strong bond over all having gone through something difficult and somewhat traumatic. While the weather is nice there is still opportunity to meet people in outdoor spaces and maintain physical distancing. This means we could still meet up in person in small groups and maybe even study together while still being safe. 3. I dont know about your province, but in my province physios are allowed to return to practice with increased safety and hygiene protocols. This makes me think that our clinicals will still go ahead. The schools know we must have that clinical education piece to become competent practitioners so I expect they'll be working very hard with clinical partners to make this happen. 4. If the education we receive is truly subpar, it is possible there may be some adjustments to the PCE. I very much suspect the schools will try their very best to make sure this doesn't happen though, as the above poster stated. It is very difficult to let go of the expectations you have for PT school, especially since we've all been thinking about this for years. For me its been a bit of grieving process to let go of some of my preconceived notions of how this experience was going to look, but it comes and goes. For myself, I decided that the anxiety that comes along with declining and enduring another application cycle far outweighs my anxiety at starting school in this unknown climate, so I will be staying the course. You may decide the opposite is true for yourself. Either way, just make sure you've truly thought about ALL the ways this could play out, not just the worst case ones before you make your decision. If that all sounds like vapid BS then ignore my lengthy post. Those are just some of my perspectives, hopefully they help.
  3. I have also been accepted at the Calgary campus. I feel a little concerned too, but it has occurred to me that U of A may be able to handle the shift to online a little more smoothly given that they are already familiar with distance instruction because of the satellite campuses. Of course it's not the same as the being in class and interacting with the instructors and your fellow students, but I suspect they'll be extremely hesitant to accept deferrals since that will have ramifications for all subsequent years.
  4. I just declined my offer to U of A so the waitlist will be moving by at least one spot I think! Best of luck!
  5. I'm 33 and heading to Calgary too!!!! So excited for our club lol
  6. Anyone else headed to the Calgary campus for U of A PT? Feel free to reply or PM me!
  7. I can only speak to U of A because that is where I applied. In their FAQ section they have stated that they will not be considering any grades from Winter 2020 in the GPA calculation, so I don't think taking a credit or grade will matter in that context. As for your last credits, I'm not sure how the calculation would be done, I would email admissions about that because it can be complex depending on what courses are included etc. However, if it all possible you may want to do at least one or two semesters with 5 courses if you have not done so at some point during your undergrad. From the website: The OT program is academically challenging which is why preference is given to applicants who have completed 30 credits (a full course load or 5 courses/semester) over two consecutive terms or semesters at some point during their academic career while maintaining a strong GPA. That said, they say they do consider applicants who have a few semesters of 4 courses.
  8. The last CASPer tests were only written on the 15th and they say it takes about 3 weeks to get the marks in, so I can't imagine we'll hear anything until the 2nd week of May at the earliest.
  9. No update on my account, it still says decision pending. Email came at 4:10PM.
  10. They said they haven't decided the weighting of the CASPer yet, however it will likely be similar to their previous practice. So I guess it will still be worth quite a bit? Maybe they'll let us know once they've made a decision on weighting.
  11. I wondered the same thing, so I emailed them today. I will post on here when I get an answer.
  12. I would expect so too, especially since they moved their med school MMIs to online format. I'm glad I didn't book accommodations yet!
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