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  1. They said they haven't decided the weighting of the CASPer yet, however it will likely be similar to their previous practice. So I guess it will still be worth quite a bit? Maybe they'll let us know once they've made a decision on weighting.
  2. I wondered the same thing, so I emailed them today. I will post on here when I get an answer.
  3. I would expect so too, especially since they moved their med school MMIs to online format. I'm glad I didn't book accommodations yet!
  4. Anybody else waiting to hear from U of A for the MMI invites? I'm concerned that I didn't receive an email yesterday...
  5. I'm looking for some people to do some in person MMI practice with, preferably on the U of C campus or nearby. Anybody interested in doing 2-3 sessions between now and April?
  6. Can you tell me a little bit about the letter of intent portion of the application? Did you already have a letter drafted? Is there a time limit to complete that section? Thanks for your help!
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