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  1. I'm trying to start preparing for interviews while I have a little bit of free time and was looking for some advice. What's a good place to start preparing and how long should I spend? Also does anyone know if interviews will be online this year?
  2. I used DAT Crusher and the DAT Destroyer book along with their Dynamite Bio book , they were more than enough. If you follow the schedule crusher provides - it also points out all the relevant Chad's videos on youtube which was quite helpful. I don't know about the sea urchin question you mentioned but most questions on the DAT are pretty straight forward where you either know it or you don't. You can also find a list of topics on the DAT on the official DAT site: https://www.cda-adc.ca/en/becoming/dat/information/. They don't point out high-yield topics but you get an idea of the topics covered. The only place I saw the high-yield topics were the crusher chemistry question solutions.
  3. From what I remember the compilation test questions were from the practice tests so I saved them for last. I personally used the Dynamite Biology book to learn everything the first time and used Nicole's Notes to review everything once more before the DAT.
  4. I couldn't agree more, go with whatever program will get you the highest GPA. Your priority should be getting a high GPA so you can get into dental school.
  5. I heard all of the american schools are becoming less Canadian friendly with each passing year.
  6. I am planning to apply this cycle. Do you happen to know the schools with the cheapest tuition?
  7. I am planning to apply next cycle and was hoping to shadow this summer. Due to COVID19 I don't think this will be possible. Is shadowing required to apply to dental school? Will I be at a disadvantage without it?
  8. Good idea but having to login to view content is a pain in the butt. And what's the difference between this and looking up stuff on instagram/facebook?
  9. Just curious how are dental offices affected by this pandemic?
  10. Is there a website that shows this type of statistics for Canada?
  11. How does the CDA manual compare to the real DAT? I just took the test in the CDA manual and did very well (close to perfect) compared to how I'm scoring on the tests on DATCrusher.
  12. Which nicole notes did you use? The pro or summary version?
  13. I will be taking the DAT thats coming up soon and have a few questions. I’m using DATCrusher and DATDestroyer (2018 book) so far because that’s what my friends are recommending but is that enough to do well? And how much time should I dedicate per day?
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