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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/303505124019823/ FB group for incoming Western PT students!!!
  2. I got a CAP invite. my subGPA is 3.95. Doesn't CAP take into account CASPer too? Must be for those who have higher GPA's and didn't get an invite All the best to everyone!
  3. I'm finishing up my Master's in Exercise Physiology and I want to be a physiotherapist. I'm Canadian and applying to UofT, Western and McMaster and have already sent transcripts and CASPer results to Dalhousie...however, I'm a bit conflicted. Dal only accepts around 5 OOP students to Physiotherapy, and my chances are not all that great. I have little shadowing experience, but a good amount of non-PT volunteer experience and a sub-GPA (last 20 credits) of 4.25 on their 4.33 GPA scale. I have two very good academic references but besides that, I wouldn't consider myself having any competitive edge for this. It's another $115 to submit my application but given the extremely low chances of getting in, I'm wondering if it's even worth the time applying and the cost. Thoughts?
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