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  1. Currently a PGY1 in a small DR program. I know it is a bit early to start thinking about fellowships but we start applying for those in PGY3/4, so it does not hurt to ask around. Looking forward to what the pm101 hive mind has to say. I am interested in all subspecialties and I know that will probably change as I progress in my training. But really my goal is to practice in either Toronto or Vancouver, so I will pursue whatever fellowship/subspec that will get me there. And yes, I know almost everyone wants to move to those two cities but hey, I am no different. I am a single dude with no attachments. I have lived, worked, studied in my province my whole life so I need and want a change. I have always wanted to move TO or Van, so I am unflexible on just this one aspect. Taking an income cut, working worse hours, high COLA and all that other stuff does not bother me. Looking at job postings online, most of the ones in TO/Van are for IR. I have tried reading other forums online but those are mostly US, and seem to say mammo and neurorad are the ones who have no problem finding jobs in desirable locations. Is it the same in TO/Van? Am I oversimplifying this? I know it is always best to ask people in my own program but I do not want to make it seem like I am unhappy with my small program and city and want to leave. Maybe I am overthinking it but I also do not want to lose mentorship opportunities or taint relationships by making it known that I have no intention of practicing here despite training here. TL;DR which rad subspecialty will give me the best shot at getting a job in TO or Van? Thx guys, radSWITCH
  2. Found this on a USMD forum, but seems like a fair thing to wonder about for Canadian schools?? "How much does the interview change a program's rankings? All my interviews have been very conversational and benign, with majority of time spent on hobbies and interests outside of medicine. Not sure how much a program is influenced by the interview and how much it changes things prior to the interview. I can certainly see how if you said something off-putting or can't hold a conversation how it negatively affects you, but my impression is vast majority of applicants are normal pleasant people and based on my interviews I can't see how program directors use these interviews to differentiate applicants."
  3. School interviewing at: Dalhousie Specialty: Radiology Current interview date: January 21 at 3:00 PM Date would like to switch to: January 21, earlier in the day Any additional notes: Need to make a connecting flight. Please help!
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