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  1. You should receive an email from UofT with the campus assignment at the top.
  2. Accepted to UofT (St. George campus), McMaster, and Western, all for OT. Rejected at Queens. Will most likely be accepting UofT, which will open up some spots. Congrats to everyone who has received responses, and all the best to those still waiting. S-GPA: 3.83, C-GPA: 3.21
  3. My sub-gpa is 3.83, and it says that I've been invited on ACORN.
  4. My acorn also updated saying that I've been invited to MsOT 2020-2021 on the dashboard, under academics. I applied to UofT in high school so I had my old login info still.
  5. Applied + (PT or OT?): McMaster UofT, Queens and Western (all OT)Accepted: McMaster, UofT (St. George campus), WesternWaitlisted:Rejected: QueensGPA: c-GPA = 3.21, and s-GPA = 3.83Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I think my personal submissions are good. I did a lot of research for them. I've volunteered a lot with kids with autism spectrum disorder, and other behavioural issues. I also did some shadowing with an OT at Kidsability. One of my references is the prof I did my thesis on child development with, and the other is a volunteer supervisor who oversaw my programs student association, and a conference that we ran. I honestly felt that my Mac interview wasn't amazing, but I guess it went okay, and I found the Casper test pretty straight forward, but it's hard to say. Good luck everyone!
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