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  1. So I got my acceptance just now guys!! I’m so hype because I was the one who created this thread and I started wondering how sad it would to see you all get in and I end up not getting in myself!! I can get super in my head sometimes lol. -I did most of my pre-reqs at macewan and finished it up at u of a. I didn’t finish a degree before application. cgpa: 3.7 pre-req gpa: 3.8 -I’ve been working as a psych aide for 6 years at a local facility and have a nursing Diploma from out of country. This is such a dream and I can’t wait to ‘meet’ you all!! Lemme know if you have questions!
  2. Thank you for sharing that with us! Definitely helps ease the stress. Were you told the first 3 times you applied as to why you weren’t accepted or is it just up to you to figure that out?
  3. Thanks! Hopefully we can all enjoy the summer given the outcome is out of our control now. We can stress about it when the results start rolling in haha
  4. I’m a big worrier lol so I went straight to bed after my interview coz my anxiety shot up! But good news coz they emailed me back and said they didn’t catch any lag in the video but they’ll put a note for the admissions committee just in case there’s any issues. Pheww!
  5. So I just did my interview and as I got to question 4, the video stopped loading!! I waited for a bit but then had to refresh the page. It worked after I refreshed but now I am worried coz we are told not to refresh the browser. Has this happened to anyone? I've emailed Angela about it just now.
  6. Are the ethical dilemma and pharmacy related question that’s part of the written response or are all these verbal?
  7. Interesting... I didn’t think of it this way. I just assumed after the deadline they gather all applications and rank our performances. I am not sure if submitting anything earlier would increase our chances..
  8. Ohh ok so if we do upload letters, they do count for something. Which means we have to do well in this terms courses regardless. Lord.
  9. They also I think the final decision with regards to template letters and whether winter 2020 grades count or not lies in in the hands of the specific faculties. So really we kinda need to know how pharmacy is adapting to all this. I know Angela said we can send her letters and she’ll include it in the application so I mean it has to count for something right?
  10. They are supposedly making an official announcement this morning so I’m kinda nervously waiting on that. This is such a motivation killer on our already low morale. Theres been so much discussion online about the different perspectives on this topic so I wouldn’t add to that but I just think there has to be a better, more nuanced alternative so that we can cushion those affected by the pandemic whilst not punishing people like us who’ve been working our butts off. Idk what will happen. I have signed the petition so hopefully they will be open to reconsidering their decision.
  11. I think the application has already been submitted when you applied initially. Launchpad is just a portal you get access to after your application where you upload documents that are required and check the status of whether it is received or not. That is my understanding...
  12. Guys, technical question...I was looking at the launchpad and how the place where you are to put in work and volunteer experience only has a spot for one of each. Do you just submit this first ones and then it will let you do more after or what?
  13. I just dont know know whether it will allow me to upload an image file or does it have to be a scanned document. Or does it even matter lol? I have had post secondary schooling outside of Canada and I want to upload those transcripts myself although they do require it from the issuing institution directly and not from me. Likely they will ignore it but I thought I would upload it just in case they do care for it. Have you done your application and uploaded everything already? @PharmD20
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