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  1. lol how come this UBC Pharmacy class of 2024 facebook group has more than 350 people as group members when only 224 people would have been admitted to this program
  2. wattt did u get one? Cuz i haven't got it yet
  3. Guys who got acceptance letter do u guys kno when will we be getting formal admission letter and able to accept or reject the offer? It says it's going to take a few days but just wondering how long its going to take
  4. Anybody knos if our GPA will be considered for the admission? I know that the admission page says that they will only check the results of MMI to give the admission, but do u guys really think they will not consider GPA at all? I have talked to some people who already got into the program and some of them said that the admission will be given based on GPA and MMI result Any idea?
  5. oh really? everyone is scheduled for May 2nd?mine is for May 2nd too. but if u check the UBC Pharmacy admission timeline. It says people will be scheduled for May 2nd and 3rd so....just wondering
  6. anyone received interview invitation recently? not the one came out on 2nd or 3rd April. Also, anyone doing the interview on May 3rd sunday?
  7. well when i got rejected like last year. I got rejection mail about 7 days after the invitation mails were out. so i don't really think u need to be worried for now
  8. just wondering when is ur interview? on saturday or sunday?
  9. does anyone know how many people will be invited for this year's interview? They always invited between 350 ~ 400 til last year. But when i sent an email to ask how many people are invited this year, they simply replied saying they cannot give me such an info Any idea?
  10. guys check ur mail box. i have received invitation
  11. But when i received the invitation two years ago. i received the email on march 28 when they said its gonna be released in april
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